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Shree Vidya Level 3 Goa ---- Day 4

 By Shiv Yog Foundation
Namah shivay on day 4 of the Goa Shree Vidya 3, Baba ji communicated to the sadhaks esoteric Wisdom which included shedding light on aspects as how Siddhas compute the number of births remaining for a person to attainment of Nirvana or Self realisation(last point of the update). Baba ji laid bare reasons for widespread hatred, intrinsic to this day and age and also suggested simple means to guard oneself of impurities which act as hindrances en route to salvation. Find elaboration in the “Day four highlights” section now updated in the note re shared below this status. Blessings.

Day 4---Highlights

Baba ji compared our vertebrae with “Sumeru parvat”. This mountain was a centre point in the primordial landmass when Gondwanaland existed. Although there are many mythological interpretations on it, in this context, suffice it to say that the vertebrae are the cornerstone of our lives. Without their existence, we wouldn’t be living. If the human body is a computer, the petals of the chakras are its microchips. Emotional turbulence of any kind causes negativity getting engraved in the vertebrae. It is along the vertebral column that our Sushumna nadi runs. And it is from the spinal cord in the vertebral column that all impulses of the body are generated. When negativity sticks to the column, which is the source of energy transfer, the body gets diseased since all the channels of energy originate at the Vertebral column.

Hatred---The arch nemesis of humans

Baba ji said that hatred is caused by the following factors:
1.     Expectations-When we expect others to do something for us or when we live in the hope of a certain kind of behaviour of others towards us, certain kind of respect towards us and anticipate a particular attitude to us as per the image we have made of the person in our minds and when the aforementioned aspects are not fulfilled, it induces a feeling of revulsion and hatred which chokes the Anahat chakra. He pointed out that one must be a free person. No expecting from anyone. No creating boundaries of Karma for either yourself or others.
2.      -Inferiority complex- Whenever a person belittles us or rises more than us, we feel envy. The root emotion of envy is hatred. Love can never breed jealousy. It is repulsion and deep disgust which evoke jealousy. Baba ji said that contentment with whatever you get and gratitude for the same to Shiva will help one overcome such a vice.
3.     Superiority complex -Most of the times we are pining for the object which the other person has or possesses rather than materialising good for ourselves. The classic case of Uski kameez meri kameez se safed kyun demonstrates this mentality to the hilt. We feel we must be bigger than others, richer than others etc. We do not think we should be happy. We think we must be ahead in any and every respect vis a vis others. We compare. We envy. We sulk. We curse God. This is wrong.

The picture might appear funny but thats exactly how trivial a thing we need to be jealous of others. We envy even a muffler and a cap. We are not content with what we have. We always wish to peep how others are faring in life and whether we are equal to their wealth or lagging behind. This competition is misplaced and unfounded says Baba ji. Attention at all times must be only towards what is our own. We must thank God for what we have and work to expand more rather than vie with others
 Baba ji said

"अस्तेय का पालन होना चाहिए| नज़र तुम्हारी सिर्फ़ तुम्हारी ही उपलभधियों पर होनी चाहिए| दूसरे के पास कितना है और मेरे पास तो कम है, ऐसी सोच अब छोड़ दो

No statement can be as self destructive as this one. Never utter such words. This will nullify hours of sadhna,sankirtan and sewa all at once.

किसी से नफ़रत करना अधोगति का कारण बनता है| सभी को प्रेम करो और सभी में उस शिव को देखो| इतने सक्षम बनो की शिकायत करने का मौका ही ना मिले तुम्हे| उस शिव का धन्यवाद हर घड़ी करना| उसी से सब चल रहा है| उसी से सब मिल रहा है| वो ही देने वाला भोला भंडारी है| तुम माँग के तो देखो| सुपात्र बन के तो देखो| लोग कहते हैं भगवान देते नही मैं तो कहता हूँ तुम माँगते ही नहीं| ईश्वर को यह नहीं बोलो 'हे राम मुझे पड़ोसी की जैसे गाड़ी दे दो'| तुम खुद क्या चाहते हो यह बोलना| 'पड़ोसी के जैसी' बोलने में भावना अशुद्ध है| कुछ उपलब्धि हो तो धन्यवाद देना| इसी से संपन्नता आएगी और वृद्धि होगी|”


Gratitude throughout the day at all times to the Almighty is a must for a Shiv Yogi who is a blessed being by virtue of purity. This will help trigger satisfaction in whatever we receive


ऊर्ध्वगती का उपाए बहुत सरल है| शांति रखो और संतोष रखो| शांति केवल मौन होने की नहीं| मैं मन की शांति की बात कर रहा हूँ| मन अशांत होगा तो कुछ भी फलीभूत नई होगा|”

 We have become so depraved that a small purse, a hairstyle or an accessory becomes a source of envy. This animal tendency Baba ji says we must leave right away if we dont wish to acquire the birth of an animal in the next incarnation

·        तुम्हारे जीवन का लक्ष्य उस अनंत को प्राप्त करने का होना चाहिए|”

·        जब भी साधना के लिए बैठो तो सारे issues resolve करने की भावना से बैठना| सभी को माफ़ कर देना और प्रेम करना|”

 Resolve all issues in this birth to attain self realisation in this birth itself. Say Sorry. Forgive everyone. Love everyone unconditionally. Accept everyone the way they are

·        अपने जीवन की हर घटना को एक अनुभव की तरह लेना और lesson learn करना| जीवन में कुछ भी घाटित हो तो यह सोचना की यह घटना मेरी अध्यात्मिक उन्नति के लिए आवश्यक थी| इसके होने से मुझे कुछ लाभ हुआ है जो मेरे विकास में योग्दायक होगा|

·        "ज्ञानी वो जो knowingly सब कुछ करे| ज्ञानी वो जो अपनी साँस से लेकर expected salary के बारे में aware हो| सब कुछ उसी की संकल्प शक्ति से फलीभूत हो| ज्ञानी वो जिसकी golden book उसका भाग्य हो|

·        अज्ञानी वो जिसे उसके कर्मों का फल ही मालूम ना हो| अज्ञानी वो जो भाग्य पर सब छोड़ दे| अज्ञानी वो जो जीवन के हर पहलू से अंजान  रहे| अज्ञानी वो जो जीवन को एक बोझा समझे| अज्ञानी वो जो आलस और अन्य विकारों को गले लगाए| शिव योगी अज्ञानी वाले एक भी अवगुण नही रखता|"

Gateway of Life and Death
Between our Mooladhaar chakra and Swaddhisthaan chakra, lies a gateway of give and take. It remains open till the time the cause and effect cycle continues. There is something you have received from someone. You have to give back that. Not only in monetary terms but also anger, jealousy,hatred,anger,pain etc. In one birth you receive these from someone, in other births you give them back. So letting go is essential to break this chain. When one attains self realisation, this gateway closes.

"साधना तुम्हे अंतर्मन के करीब लेकर जाएगी| अंतर्मन वो जगह है जहाँ अभी सोचा और अगले क्षण फलीभूत| सिद्ध लोग तभी तो कुछ भी संकल्प लेते हैं तो वह तत्क्षण फलीभूत होता है क्यूंकी वह अंतर्मन में उस परिणाम को घटित कर देते हैं| अंतर्मन के समीप आओ| बाह्यमान इतना शक्तिशाली नहीं| बाह्यमान तो इंद्रियों के वश में आकर विनाश भी माँग सकता है| साधना करो, तुम्हारी जीवात्मा expand करेगी| इससे तुम नर से नारायण की यात्रा आसानी से कर पाओगे|"

 The Antarman is so potent that all desires are fulfilled when resolution is taken through it. To reach this realm of mind, deep meditation and purity is required. But for Shiv Yogis who meditate regularly, reaching this stage isnt too difficult at all

·        Baba ji harped on the fact that the type of birth we get is dependent on the desire that we have. As humans, under the influence of worldly lures, we elicit animal tendencies and eventually which accrue to result in us taking forms of animals with those qualities in our subsequent births. For example a person who asks others for money, food etc for free becomes a stray dog in his next birth that has exactly these characteristics.
·        We have come to understand mind as brain. Whenever someone pronounces the word mind, we instantly recall the brain. But no mind is not the brain. Body, mind and soul are different aspects of our humanly existence. Of late scientists have discovered that the human heart has a strong electromagnetic radiation. Heart is actually a deep state of mind. The brain too is a part of the mind.
·        In the heart lies the seat of the soul (“हृदय की गुफा में अंगुष्ठ मात्र आत्मा वास करती है|”)
·        Children are virtual recorders. Till the age of 3 years, their intuitive powers are active but the worldly influences polute their mind and closes their clairvoyant faculties. Children hear their parents utter everything and slowly imbibe in themselves, those negative talks. Parents must talk positive, not only before their kids but also otherwise because kids are sensitive to energy and catch negativity even in that manner.

Children may not convey it but they witness and store every negative trait easily in themselves which leads to the downgrade of their emotions and they acquire a worldview which is sinister and paranoid. They learn to react to situations in the same way as their parents

How Siddhas calculate the births remaining for achieving self realisation
Baba ji revealed that just like we can compute the age of trees by counting the cambial rings in the cross section of their barks, similarly Siddhas can compute the number of births left for the final self realisation stage. The belly button or nabhi is surrounded by subtle rings which clairvoyant beings can see. The more the number of rings, the more will be the number of births remaining. Unresolved issues increase the number of rings. Sadhna helps reduce these rings.

If we cut the bark of a tree through its cross section, we see such rings, using which we can estimate their age. Likewise, in Humans there are rings around the navel region which help adjudicate the births remaining before the soul will be liberated. The rings increase when the unresolved issues and negative emotions increase. Sadhna helps reduce these rings

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