Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Queries of Sadhaks ---- Part 10

Q. Namah Shivay, is it mandatory to do all the Pran Kriyas (done during the Shivirs) also as part of the Shree Vidya Sadhana or just the meditation with the Shree Vidya diksha mantra? Kindly advice exactly what needs to be done in the Shree Vidya Sadhana...? Thanks
A. Namah shivay at least once in a day Pran Kriyas must be done. Preferably in the morning. And yes all those that were taught in the shiver. If not all, major ones are must. Blessings.

Q. Namah shivay:-)...I do shree vidya 2 sadhana regularly but without meru...does it make a difference.....no problem in buying if it enhances vibrations of sadhana...thank you
A. Namah shivay ideally Shree Vidya sadhna must never be done without the Meru. Although there is no harm doing without it but keeping the Meru enhances sadhna manifold. Blessings.

Q. Namah shivay....can I reduce the time frequency of shambhavi so that I can do shri vidya level 2 twice in a day....secondly my mom had once cursed me that I will never remain happy....she had told I will always be sad....I feel sad about it.....my life has not become bad...infect it has become better after that...but I still fear....I have faith in god & babaji
A. Namah shivay in a soon to be uploaded video Baba ji will explain how everything that we say is a mantra. When in anger we curse someone, it is tantamount to reciting the mantra of the devil. But when you do Shree Vidya sadhna and practice forgiveness to all, curses on you stand null and void. Have always a blessing on your mouth for all and you shall never be under the spell of any curse. Do Shree Vidya sadhna daily. And yes you can shorten Shambhavi to accommodate Shree Vidya 2. Blessings.

Q. Namah Shivaya baba ji Ishan bhaia, what a shiv yogi should do if their daughter is having "Mool" at the time of birth? She was born on 21/4/12 at 8:32PM. I have asked some shashtris and they said "mool" shanti karani aavasyak hai and they gave me some expensive and lengthy karma kand gyan and advised that at least 28000 mantra japa are required. Please advise what we should do for this thing called "mool" for our lovely daughter. Thank you.
A. Namah shivay you must divert all your faith and devotion to the Guru and your sadhna rather than shastris, tantriks and astrologers. Doing regular Shree Vidya sadhna daily negates all problems in life. Send healing to lower chakras of the baby. There will be no problem whatsoever. Have trust more in Guru and Shiva than Shastris who're driven by monetary considerations than well wishing. Blessings.

Q. Namah shivay babaji, if a person expires in my family so there is sutak for 12 days so could I offer kumkum to meru ?, could I do swadhaya ? Could I take water from jalhari of shivling? and there is one more sutak whenever someone takes birth in family at that time could these karmas could be performed ? Could a girls having period do all these as Babaji said she could do SV dhyana?
A. Namah shivay a dear sadhak Anjali ji has already answered your query. (YES is the answer to all your questions...) Thank you Anjali ji. Namah shivay. Blessings.

Q. Namah shivay Baba ji I have a problem actually and also a query. I am very thankful to you as now you have blessed me with your deeksha. Now whatever I think that is bound to happen. I know I have got this Shakti from you only. But still I have not been able to heal myself completely. If I give healing to someone else he or she gets healed. But I don’t know despite of trying it many times, I haven’t been able to heal myself. Can you please guide me through this problem, please Baba ji?? Waiting for your reply, Lots of love.
A. Namah shivay doing Shree Vidya sadhna is the best way to heal yourself. Moreover if you wish to have separate healing session for yourself. Invoke Ma Sanjeevani and feel the energy flowing from your Anahat to your Agya chakra. Blessings.

Q. Babaji, if a person is suffering from Diabetes, and we as a shree vidya 2 sadhak, how may we send the healing? Thanks Namah Shivay.
A. Namah shivay send healing to the Manipur and Swaddhisthaan chakras. Blessings.

Q. Shiv yog foundation, Thanks for the reply. The question is if Shree Vidya 2 mantra need to be chanted in mind while sending healing to Manipur and swadhisthan chakra or the mahamruntunjay beej mantra need to be chanted. Please clarify. Thanks
A. Namah shivay healing always with the Mahamrityunjay mantra. Sri Vidya Mantra only when the situation is very severe like that in coma. Blessings.

Q. Babaji, NMS, I assume that we can send healing to the required situation or to the person after completing our SV2 sadhna. Please. Advice. I mean if we want to send healing to person for medical cure. NMS
A. Namah shivay yes healing will be more pronounced post sadhna. Blessings.

Q. But any good person needs to be appreciated...so we must not say even positive compliments /comments or we can....???
A. Namah shivay appreciation and judgment are two different things. Endorsing an effort, a performance, a work or a fine presentation is different on commenting on any trait of a person. Blessings.

Q. Namahashivay shivyog foundation it means that the sadhna practiced at Prati prasav sadhna camp can’t be done at home after completing the Prati prasav sadhna camp??
A. Namah shivay yes. The meditations which are to be practiced at home are separate. Prati Prasav sadhna entails release of Sanchit karmas in the presence of the Guru's ultimate powers so it can’t be practiced at home. Blessings.

Q. Shiv yog foundation does after opening sahastras chakra is it possible to see shiva above thrd. Does if we raise our consciousness is it possible to meet god in meditation. And what is Samadhi does in any shivir of shvyog we are taken to the state of Samadhi. Secondly any person who may have lot of karmic debt in his life and also in past life can also achieve self realization or it is achieved only by those who have less karmic debt.
A. Namah shivay self realization can be achieved only with meditation. When the karmas are burnt and ego subsides, Shiva takes over. It is then that the kundalini rises from the Mooladhaar to the Sehastrasar. Blessings.

Q. Namah Shivay Ishanji & Shiv Yog Foundation....I want to know that do we have to do shraddh once in every year ,'coz for the last 10 yrs we have been doing my father-in-law's shraddh every year...but for the last 2yrs we have not been doing it...and if it is to be done every yr then how should we proceed...coz I remember Babaji in 1 of his discourse saying that the food prepared on that day should not be consumed by the family members but should be fed to the poor and needy people .....Thank you.
A. Namah shivay yes you can do it as many times of the year as may be possible for you. As a Shiv Yogi if you know ascension kriya, it is all the more better but the shraadh or food donation in the name of the ancestors of your family is to be done, first make the food yourself, invoke Ma Sanjeevani and pray to Her to flow through the food. Then offer the food to the divine in your feelings. Next, feed it to the needy children and then needy adults. Blessings.


  1. Namah Shivaya Ishaanji, I had attended the Sri Vidya shivir by babaji in Canada. But I have so many questions in regards to doing Sadhna. Should it be done early in the morning or in the night. Should durga saptshati be read before starting sadhna. How many times we can do the sadhna in a day. Do I have to keep the same time and place for doing sadhna. what is the best time to offer kumkum on meru and how many times it should be done. I asked around and everybody gave me a different answer. I think whenever we do the sadhna or learn any sadhna then there should be a booklet with instructions on how to do the sadhna. I am so confused because babaji says do sadhna everyday but nobody knows the best way of doing it. I am really serious about doing it. Please answer my questions as soon as possible. Also do we have to keep the meru for 21 days at home before changing our sadhna time after getting the deeksha from babaji. I am new to this sadhna and need all your guidance. I think babaji should write a book about it covering all the details. regards

  2. Namah Shivay. I got initiated to Sri Vidya 1 by Shivanand Babaji. I am able to only chant the mantra. At times I repeat 108 times for each chakra. Please guide me on the proper way to perform Sri Vidya Sadhna steps. I need help to do it properly.