Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Poverty to Prosperity (a tale)

Namah shivay! Baba ji had narrated a true story to establish that outgrowing every problem becomes that much easier when we take to finding solace in our own inner self through holistic actions.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Quaries of Sadhaks -------- 26

Q. Baba ji...sometimes... it’s like I am creating something and even strong creation with full imagination, Happiness, unconditional acceptance and love. and try to send that message in my deep consciousness or inside me through meditation. but strange thing happen with me is... In meditation, when Baba ji ask "TUM CHAHTE KYA HO?” when the time comes to speak my desire or pray to my wish... I always remain silent even you ask me again and again... it’s not that I forgot... it’s like I could not speak even smallest wish like "I need a chocolate". after disappointment I falsely satisfy myself.... "okay USKI RAZA ME MERI RAZA...JIS VIDHI RAAKHE US VIDHI RAHNA HAI... HAR HAAL ME KHUSH... so create kya karna". I don’t know why... where I am going wrong?? Yes, My loving Baba ji you always said... "God is always ready to give you... Tum mangte hi nai... usse ek baar maag kar to dekho. Your richest father is always ready to give to his loving children". Baba ji Please guide your daughter.....how I overcome this issue? Namah Shivay.
A. Namah shivay ji. This is a typical case of being a prisoner of one's intellect. It is very good that we understood the teachings of Baba ji so well. And in fact we remember them by heart. But we must realize that more important than knowing about the teachings, what holds the key is the implementation and application of these in our lives. If as mortals living a good social life we say all of a sudden that what we need is Moksha, we are cheating ourselves. Likewise, to say that I don't want to desire because Jis Vidhi Rakhey Us Vidhi rahiye is to cheat yourself. This phrase is used in a very different context. Do not mix the teachings. You know deep inside what your desires are. Of course you want to live happily. Isn't that a desire? Of course you want everyone to love you. Isn't that a desire? Of course you want to have chocolates. Isn't that a desire? You know exactly what you want from life. Which places you wish to visit before you die. What joy you want to experience before you are ready to undertake your spiritual journey. So firstly, we must understand that when in Shiv Yog we say renunciation or giving up, it is not the desires that we are giving up. Doing that would be a sin. What we should give up is our vices. Our bad habits. As for desires, live them. Constantly write your desires, your wishes and your longings in the Golden book. Think with happiness how much joy you will experience if you get what you want. It can be any worldly thing from a caring spouse to an adventure trip to a great smart phone to reaching an excellent state of physical health to reducing weight. Any and every desire with purity at heart. Also, the desire must not be based on falsity. For example writing in the Golden Book I want to become president of my country tomorrow. And if that doesn't materialize, you begin feeling sad. Desires must be based on truth. What you really want. Do not try to give yourself a false encouragement by feeling that I have no desires. You are treating a teaching as a pretext to not pay the price for something you want in life. Yes you have a desire. Yes you have to write it in the Golden book. Yes you have to meditate. Yes you have to focus on your desire. Yes you have to work to fulfil that desire. And yes the desire will materialize. Blessings.

Q. Baba ji ke songs konse sites pe milte h?
A. Namah shivay ji you should always try and buy the CDs and DVDs. Downloading them and uploading them is morally, ethically and spiritually wrong. In Shiv Yog we perform the sadhna to clear our karmas. But when we promote piracy, we are promoting negative karmas. Remember the golden Shiv Yog lesson of nothing comes for free. You have to pay the price for everything. Always select the path of truthfulness. Blessings.

Q. Namah shivay: Gurudev I want to know that the Durga Sptashati beej mantra have been provided by you but niskilan & keeln mantra have not been provided by you. In Durga Sptashati book it has written that who will do sptashati without niskilan & kilak, it will not work & there is no benefit & also he will be destroyed. What is niskilan & kilakam? Please reply me gurudev.
A. Namah shivay ji. Guruvakyam paramvakyam. Whatever has been taught to you in the shivir is cast in stone. Baba ji has unlocked these mantras through his own shakti. You need not to worry about other things. Just practice the teachings without logic or question. Blessings.

Q. Could I perform the keelam, agerlam and kavacham paath before durga saptsati saadhan & how did in daily routine please guide me namha shivay.
A. Namah shivay ji. Whatever instructions the Guru gives during the shivir are to be followed as it is. No adding or subtracting anything else. If you have attended the shivir, you will know everything. Baba ji makes it very clear during the shivirs. He's a class master. Receive his grace in a shivir. Blessings.

Q. I am making the new pooja room in north east corner of my house .Please Babaji tell me how the pooja room of shivyogi should be?
A. Namah shivay ji. No clutter. Minimal idols. Very clean. Only natural incense sticks. Minimal or no electricity gadgets. Lots of Mahamrityunjay yantras and Shree Yantras. Minimal furniture. Only Meru and Shivlinga. Blessings.

Q. Though I feel lot of energy since after 21 Dec. 2012, but now I see back even now my emotional state is in turmoil, confusing, trying to surrender but lower vibrations don’t leave, when doing Shree Vidya sometimes body starts burning like hell, I do 9 times continuous Durga saptsati a day then also feel dizziness, fear.....I know I am facing my real self, emotions are on surface to heal...unable to release them....had lot of red acne eruptions on face...now in control...lower emotions are not going away...I am a engineering student studies are going through downfall from last 1 year...I am unable to handle lot of energy it’s difficult to study sometimes vibrations starts to happen so much I can't concentrate I’m not lying,  its ego, sometimes when just sitting or lying on bed doing nothing feel pain in lower spine, energy on forehead but nothing is happening in life emotional state is so negative at this age I don’t like my friends whom I used to be with before I am always feeling alone, I am still in fearful, frustrated, confused, alone state....I am thinking of attending Goa shivir...should I attend???
A. Namah shivay ji yes indeed you do need the refuge of the Guru. Attend a shivir and follow a sadhna pattern daily after that. Make a time table. Organize your life. Problems are indication that somewhere you are going wrong in following some teaching. Blessings.

Q. Namah shivaya!! Thanks a lot for sending Baba ji's divine messages through face book... I have some queries to have an answer from Babaji.
1. Should meru be covered all day long after sadhna? Or it should be kept open in mandir so that its energy can flow in house?
2. I have got 3saptshati beej mantra books but the very first book (which was the very first printed book in blue cover in Gurgaon shivir) does not match with newly printed books. Can I use it for sadhna or keep that aside for its misprinted mantras? Kindly reply... Namah shivay.
A. Namah shivay! The personal Meru on which you perform the sadhna must be kept stationery, covered with a red cloth at all times and no other person should be able to see it. If you have more merus on which you don’t perform sadhna, they can be kept slightly open for the positivity to spread. Secondly, the book which you have bought most recently is to be used and the most recent sadhna is to be done. Blessings.

Q. How to deal with the fear of confronting someone who has hurt you in past, and you don’t confront them because they might hurt you again? please guide.
A. Namah shivay ji. Forgiveness is divine. To take make an analogy from the above post, when you forgive someone, you let the proverbial monkey off your back. Realize the fact that whatever is happening with you in this life is a direct consequence of your action at some point in time in either this or some other life. The Shree Vidya sadhna of Shiv Yog is all about dematerializing your past to heal not only your own traumas, phobias and impression but also free you of the bondages with others. It is not necessary that you have to keep everyone associated with your past with you forever. In fact as the energy of a sincere Shiv Yog sadhak changes, the circle of people around him changes automatically and quite naturally. So, it is not necessary that everyone has to compulsorily remain in your life. When you are done with the sadhna, pray for those who have hurt you. Seek forgiveness and just break the cycle of cause and effect. The day you start wishing good and praying for someone who has hurt you, it is the day you have truly forgiven him. It is the day you’re ready to be a true sadhak. The purpose of your birth is not to entangle yourself further in emotional mess. Problems will be there but Baba ji's teachings have solution to all problems. Pure intention, unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness, sadhna, sewa, sankirtan all will help you a great deal. And when we say Baba ji is our Guru, we must understand that if we understand him as our Guru, we must surrender to him. Surrender means our will and His will unify. We offer whatever is ours to him. And what exactly is ours? Our vices, our emotions, our pent up fears, anger, resentment etc. So just give these to your Guru because he alone can take you through this journey and that with your own finite capabilities and worldly logic, you will fall. You are most welcome to attend the strongest Prati Prasav shivir for understanding best the long text that you have just read. Blessings.

Q. Help. While doing 1 DS PAATH I the process starts and ends normally. I mean as in the book.
Normally it is.
1. Ganesh Mantra.
2. Navagraha Shanti Mantra.
3. Guru Geeta Shlokas. (Invocation of shakti)
4. Siddha Kunjika strotra Path
5. Shap Vimochan Mantras.
6. Aaachman --- (atma, vidya, sarvatatva shuddhi)
7. X number of Mritsanjaeevnai Mantras.
8. 13 adhayas.
9. AGAIN X number of Mritsanjaeevnai Mantras.
10. 3 full mantras of saptshloki durga and prayer to 5 goddess. <<< Durga Arpan
11. n number of Durga Dwatrishnaam Mala.
12. Shama Prayer <<< Jagdamba Arpan
13. OVER
Now please tell me if it is required to do every step while doing say 11 or 51 paath. To my little knowledge I don’t think step 5 is required every time and I am confused about step4, step6, step7, step9.
Q2) How to perform DS Yagna after 100 path. At least what samidha should be used and Should aahuti be given like BEEJ+Swaha or only BEEJ. Kindly reply as soon as possible..... It is very urgent.
Q3)Very serious ... when I do one paath on regular basis then it’s ok but whenever I try to go for more paaths 3, 4, 5 mouse lizards etc. starts to come and break my concentration sometime, something falls on me from nowhere.. Please ask some senior sadhak and help me out.
A. Namah shivay ji. The Durga Saptashati sadhna is very sacred. It must never be discussed like this. As for animals disturbing your sadhna, it has nothing to do with sadhna. You have created a negative belief. Attend a DSS shivir and receive deeksha from Baba ji. Then start doing it at your end. The meditation steps and procedures cannot be discussed here or anywhere for that matter. It should only be listened and comprehended from the Guru himself. Blessings,

Q. Shiv Yog Foundation is it wrong process to meditate Shree vidya sadhana on lying flat...if one is sick how to do sadhana??? Namah Shivay.
A. Namah shivay ji. Firstly Shree Vidya sadhna is very sacred. Do it only if you have taken the deeksha from Baba ji in a shivir. It is a very sensitive sadhna. Sadhna is not possible while lying flat. Only mantra jap, that too if initiation has been taken in a shivir. If you have taken deeksha, do the mantra jap, mentally while lying down. You will recover fast. Also, a Shree Vidya sadhak will not fall sick if he has been doing the sadhna & pran kriyas daily. Blessings.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Divine Solutions for Financial Problems

Namah shivay! N-number of people have suggested N-number of ways to wriggle out of financial problems. From remedies to ploys, every thinkable trick in the bag has been exhausted. But is there a way to ever lasting prosperity without attachment? Yes there is. Baba ji explains just this in the Guru Vakyam video.

Q. In USA there are not much slam area that there is in Indian , what are my choices 
A. Namah shivay ji. UYou have to identify people who are living in poor conditions. Shree Vidya you can perform only once you receive the initiation from Baba ji in a shivir. For that you have to attend a Shiv Yog programme. It might be held next year in USA. Until then pray and use the healing mantra. Keep it played in your home and recite it as many times in the day as may be possible for you. Blessings. https://www.facebook.com/notes/shiv-yog-foundation/using-the-healing-mantra/727709433934800

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Quaries of Sadhaks --- 25

Q. Baba ji when I do sadhna I feel strong vibration arising from left foot which shakes my whole body as a result I m not being able to do sadhna properly please help me namah shivay.
A. Namah shivay ji Just witness. Do not be so overwhelmed by the experience. Let it happen. Just focus on the sadhna. A guided meditation will help. Blessings.

Q. Namah Shivay. I haven’t been practising self healing lately (three months) out of negligence. I would like to know whether the Sanjeevni shakti given by Babaji is still active and whether I can still practise this sadhana?
A. Namah shivay ji. You are the creator. Swadhyay with emotions, charity to the needy will help you be in that mode again. That energy will most certainly return when you do these two daily and then start the meditation regularly again. All the best for your reboot. Baba ji is always with you. Blessings.

Q. Hello, Just want to know if it is advisable to practice Siddha Kriya past mid night....
A. Namah shivay ji if you were to follow Baba ji's teachings to the core, he says sleep early and wake up early. After a time at night, the destructive energies take over so it is not advisable to stay up till late. Do the sadhna early morning and in the evening. Blessings.

Q. A = Ancestors, T = Tools, M = ????
A. Namah shivay ji. The 'M' is for the Morals or the Sanskaras. Please refer to the write up for reference. Blessings.

Q. Namah Shivay can I get the detailed cd of the chakra meditation which was taught to us in Goa as I’m a bit confused with the petals, I just know the location of the chakras.
A. Namah shivay ji. More than the technical aspects, this meditation relies on your emotion of devotion. For your knowledge here is the number of petals in each chakra

Mooladhaar chakra
LOCATION: Tail bone

Swaddhisthan chakra
LOCATION: Below the navel.

Manipur chakra
Petals 10

Anahat chakra
LOCATION: Chest region (centre)

Vishuddhi chakra

Agya chakra
LOCATION: Between the brows
Petals 2

Sehastrasar chakra
LOCATION: Centre of the Skull

A. Namah shivay your comment is being removed. The mantras are very very sacred. They are never to be written explicitly or any discussion about them held. Whatever you grasped during the shivir is what is best for you and your consciousness. Whatever you currently do, do it with emotion of devotion and it will start showing results. Have the belief that you are doing what is best for you. Doubts mean logic. And meditation has no logic. A sacrosanct thing as a sadhna cannot be discussed here in such vivid detail. Blessings.

Q. Shivyog foundation, Namah Shivaya, I attended recent Chennai intensive Shambhavi shivir there Babaji told that you can use shambhavi shakti while during Sri vidya sadhana.please guide me as I’m confused where to send shakti and how to incorporate in srividya sadhana.I am initiated in sri vidya level-3 in Goa last year.
A. Namah shivay ji. Before you do the Shree Vidya sadhna, just perform the invocation as taught in the Advance Shambhavi shivir. You do not have to think where you have to send it. After the invocation just do the steps of the Shree Vidya 3 as Baba ji explained so beautifully in 2012 in level 3.The Shambhavi shakti will automatically go where your thougths go. So, you only have to focus on the steps of the Shree Vidya, rest everything will happen automatically. And yes once you are done with the sadhna, remember to thank the shakti and the Guru. Blessings.

Q. Shivyog foundation Namah Shivaya. Babji told to do continuous mantra in mind whenever you can. Please whether we should do shree vidya mantra or shambhavi mantra? If I have debt of money and I have to give to persons can I write in golden book that I now have the money and I have paid to them. I am grateful to Lord Shiva and Babaji for the grace or is it negative because debt is there please clarify?
A. Namah shivay ji. If you wish to practice the Shree Vidya sadhna, do its corresponding mantra. If you wish to do the Shambhavi meditation, do the Shambhavi mantra. Everything Baba ji has explained so well that there is infect no need for any explanation. Do as Baba ji said in the shivir. Secondly, write only that you are very prosperous and wealthy. No mention of debt. Also, begin charity. Even if it means a small Rs 5 chocolate to the poor every single day without forgetting. Do the Shree Vidya sadhna with the Meru. So that means 3 things you have to perform every day. First, Shree Vidya sadhna, second Golden book writing and reading and third charity. To make this even quicker and better, do all this in a dedicated pooja room with a jot before Devi Ma's picture and recite the Swadhyay, particularly the Mahalaxmi stotram and the Durga Stuti. Blessings.

Q. Namah shivay baba ji.....please clear the query of Mritunjay hawan in home.kya ladies hwan kar sakti hain....there is some controversy in our hindu granths regarding it.
A. Namah shivay ji there is no controversy. Woman must live free if we are to progress as a society. When the Goddess does not take leave on any day of the month, why should we? What you mentioned is just another biological process. Worship is unconditional, beyond the limits of biology or physical conditions. Do the sadhna, sewa and sankirtan every single day of the month. Blessings.

Q. Koti koti dandvat......thanks for reply...baba ji humne ghar main hawan suru kiya tha but in one week some kuch negative result samne aaye ...so sab ne hindu puran ko medium batate hue kha ki ghar main hawan nahi kar sakte ......so main dar gaya hu ...please help me.
A. Namah shivay ji. Do the Shree Vidya sadhna every day. And remove this superstition that the Hawan has caused negativity. This is not possible. Baba ji has taught a simple way of doing the hawan by performing the aahuti of Mahamrityunjay mantra. It can never be that by doing any of the worshipping rituals especially those taught by Baba ji cause any sort of harm. Remove this belief that remembering God brings bad luck or harm or damage. Clean your home. Allocate a separate pooja room. And do the sadhna as well as hawan there. You will get unbelievably successful results. Blessings.

Q. Namah shivay, can we do Sambhabi and Murtsanjeebani sadhana before sunrise and after sunset by tapping sun god please please please clear our confusion.
A. Namah shivay ji. Guru Vakyam Param vakyam. It is up to us to contaminate the teachings and then apply them or follow the teachings as the Guru tells them. Baba ji says Shmbhavi sadhna at sunrise, not before. After sunset Shree Vidya sadhna when shakti is prevalent. Although doing the Shambhavi sadhna after sunset will not cause any harm or not be beneficial. Just that its efficacy will be reduced greatly. Blessings.

Q. Which is the correct mantra to recite - "Om Hroom Jum Sah" OR "Om Jum Saha"
A. Namah shivay ji the best mantra is the one given by Baba ji during the shivir which you attended. Blessings.

Q. Namah Shivay Request healing for self n hubby.Kotish Dhanyavaad!
A. Namah shivay ji. Baba ji sending lots of healing to you and your family. Just sit for half an hour early in the morning in your pooja room with the healing mantra on. Feel the grace in every single organ of your body by slowly feeling every part of the body with total awareness and constant deep breathing. Before starting the mantra do the Guru stuti and thank the Guru. Lots of divine energy you shall receive. Baba ji has really expanding his ways of healing. These days, he has been praying a lot for all sadhaks. And you are the radio. The healing waves you can catch by the method of attuning mentioned above. Blessings.

Q. I have a question.
Why is it that the so often recommended PRATI PRASAV SADHANA SHIVIRS have not been happening lately?
They are not organised under the Grace of Babaji in India since a long time, and now even they are not happening by Acharya Ishanji as well. It’s been a long time, and especially in North India, the last one was in July in New Delhi last year.
Though it’s recommended in almost every Shivir I attended or watch any video either online or on TV, Babaji says that Sadhaks must do PRATI PRASAV SHIVIR once every 6 months.
Please reply and (most importantly )Shower the Sadhaks with the Grace, by organising more of PRATI PRASAV SHIVIRS in future or webcast, as suitable (or any online SHIVIRS if possible be organised @ a central place in a city like Austria one) Thank you again for everything bestowed in numerous ways always.
A. Namah shivay ji your request has been sent to Baba ji and Ishan ji. Blessings.

Q. Namah shivay. I need guidance on how to completely get rid of anger that I find within me. Even after I let it out I feel guilty as I have hurt someone’s feelings. Please guide me.
A. Namah shivay ji. Focus must not be on the worldly things. The moment you crib about your problems not going away, it will mean that you have become too attached to the problem. Shiv Yog is the path of additions. To remove a problem in life, add something which is a counter to the problem. Instead of thinking about your problem going away, just concentrate on raising the volume of sadhna, sewa and sankirtan in your life. So that means if you were meditating for 20 minutes once a day, make it twice a day. If you were not doing sankirtan, take out at least 15 minutes in the day to do one chapter each from Guru khand, Shakti khand and Shiv khand from the Swadhyay. If earlier you were unable to donate food to the poor, start with donating a chocolate to a single person. These new additions in your life will slowly expand and take over your emotions of guilt and anger. Just surrender to your Guru, not to your past. Live in the present moment. Do not visualize negativity. Baba ji is sending you healing. Do the Shree Vidya and release these emotions. But do not think about the past even for a single day. Make the additions as mentioned here. Blessings.

Q. Namah Shivay Iattended Chennai shivir (may 12-17) can I do saptasati durga sadhana.
A. Namah shivay ji. Yes, being an intensive Shambhavi sadhak you can do it but for utmost results, you have to take the deeksha in the Saptashati first. Although it is no harm doing it if you are a regular Shambhavi sadhak and have the intention of purifying yourself. Baba ji's prayers and healings you shall receive in the morning every day. Just do the Guru Stuti and awareness breathing. Blessings,

Q. Namah Shivay I have a few questions, in the Goa shivir it was told that the cell phone, computer and any kind of electronic device should be switched off while doing the sadhana, as the electromagnetic waves interfere with our vibrations, but it was also told to keep playing the cd of the mantra to generate positive vibrations, so how do we play the cd if the computer or phone needs to be switched off? Also, I would like to know that if sunrise is happening at 4:51 am in my area, it’s better to get up at 4 am, take a bath and then do the sadhana as it will be dark then.
A. Namah shivay ji. Firstly paste a Shree Yantra sticker on the gadget and also wear a Shree Yantra pendant in your neck through a thread. Keep the mobile phone on flight mode and laptop some feet away. Secondly, yes get up before sunrise, do with the cleaning of the body and then do the meditation at the sunrise time. Blessings.

Q. Babaji, Namah Shivay, Can we all conduct a prayer for PERFECT MONSOON in India. This will help our country as a whole. I mean I am asking all Sadhaks to start praying for perfect monsoons.
A. Namah shivay ji. Truth be told, if a sizeable proportion of Shiv Yog Shree Vidya and Shambhavi sadhaks send healing to the universe, this will become a reality. The power of collective healing is beyond three dimensional phenomenons. But before everything else, charity begins at home. Am I pure enough? Is my own life perfect? If not then progress in the chain in the order
Caring for Self > Family > Society > Community > Country > World > Nature
At your end, if you have a strong desire to send healing to the rain Gods, you may do so out of unconditional love. Drought and no rain signify lack of good etheric environment. By your good deeds of charity and healing you can and in fact every Shiv Yogi can transform not only weather but the overall physical and etheric environment. Blessings.

Monday, August 18, 2014

ShivYog Krishna Janmashtami Celebration with Rhythm of Universe


Conquered what?

Evil, vice and of course the hearts of millions around the world, who immersed live in the experience of celebrating Lord Krishna's blessings.

South Africans are a very lucky race in that they received the grace first hand from Baba ji on a very special day for pious devotees and spiritual practitioners around the world.

In his two-odd hour spellbinding divine act, Baba ji weaved one marvelous bhajan after the other in his heavenly voice. Each bhajan was preceded by a brief sermon, laced with mythological anecdotes and their significance in our lives. Every consequent divine melody raised the cockles of the heart of all those lucky enough to experience it. Baba ji made the crescendo of each celestial offering touch hearts like only he can.

He also spoke in detail how the characters in the epic Mahabharat are symbolic of the traits in us. From Dhitrashtra to Kans, from Shakuni to Gopis, all protagonists whom Lord Krishna had a huge influence on, are metaphors for the tendencies within us.

Harping on the need to shun the traditions of the West, he said the urgency was maximum at this point in time to embrace indigenous culture and heritage. He called for Janmashtami rather than Valentine's Day to be celebrated as the day of unconditional love. He urged all the seekers to love their spouse, their children and their parents.

The special love for children manifested in the form of an appeal to all the parents to let children be playfully naughty and mischievous as it was their way of blossoming, adding jokingly that such impish acts if curtailed, would manifest in old age, which won't make for too good a proposition.

Baba ji also presented a unique account of his resilience, resurgence and indomitable fighting spirit by narrating of a difficulty which had happily set foot on a holiday. How appreciably blithe is Baba ji's spirit. How cheerfully he handles any kind of odd in life. Huge lesson.

By the end of the event it seemed Lord Krishna had entered the spirit of Baba ji and held fort the strings of consciousness of all the seekers.

Baba ji is wonderful. So are his ways. So are his beloved children.