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Quaries of Sadhaks ------- 27

Q. I need some guidance in my sadhna timings, as my working culture is shift based from 2pm to 11 pm, I return home by 12am. I am missing my night sleep and early sadhna in brahma muhurtha. I am working in improvising my timings. I need to schedule myself for 2 pehers of sadhna morning and night as I witnessed tranquility and bliss realizing my real self in the past. Kindly suggest me the best timings for sadhna suiting my profession.
A. Namah shivay! To quote Baba ji from Goa shivir itself, choose a professional which will help you evolve spiritually too. The profession you are in, entails going against the flow of nature. So first problem lies here only. Night is for resting & day is for work. Secondly, you yourself will have to fix a schedule a sadhna routine. Daily routine. Same sadhna. Same time same place. In your case, you will have to fix a time in the morning when you get up. Blessings.

Q. Sometimes after shri vidya 2 sadhna, as I continue chanting the mantra I feel I hear/see some negative/scary images. What does this mean?
A. Namah shivay ji. Sri Vidya is the highest meditation anyone can teach you. Just emanate love all the time. The fear is nothing but the fright and guilt inherent within you. Release that. No external entity can even touch you. Your Guru is always with you and you are a very pure soul. Blessings.

Q. Please tell me how to use Mahamrityumjay metal yantra to heal mental disease.
A. Namah shivay. On a clean chit of paper write this
(Name of the person)
पूर्णतः heal हो गया है| इसके लिए मैं भगवान महामृत्युंजय का धन्यवाद करता हूँ|
After writing this on the chit, fold the chit and place between two metallic Mahamrityunjay yantras and keep it at your pooja altar. This is no act of superstition or matter of faith. This is a very scientific process which Baba ji has unfolded for all the dearest Shiv Yogis. If you are an honest and regular Shiv Yog sadhak, this will materialize 100%. Send healing and love to the person every day. And also do not be attached to any outcome of any of your action - whether spiritual or worldly. Blessings.

Q. last year I had attended Advait Shri vidya sadhna shivir but because of some problem I cannot continue my sadhna, can I continue the sadhna again? Please let me know.
A. Namah shivay the best bet is to let the energy flow uninterrupted. When we are fresh out of a shivir, our purity level and also our energy level is high. We should capitalize on this and do the sadhna. You should attend a fresh shivir and do the sadhna on a daily basis starting then. In the meantime, you should perform the swadhyay and do the sewa. Blessings.

Q. Namah Shivay Shiv Yog Foundation, please clarify some doubts regarding the golden book.
Babaji says to categorize the desires in 3 categories, i.e. Immediate goals, Midterm goals and Ultimate goals. But at the same time he also tells us to write about the 12 houses which are also mentioned in our horoscope. Ex. House, Family relations, respect in the society, physical body etc.
Now the thing is that in which category (Immediate goals, Midterm goals or Ultimate goals) to put WHICH HOUSE? Like in which category should I put desired house, physical health and relationships? If I put it in mid-term goals then where will I write very immediate goals like "I have purchased this outfit"? Plus, in which category should I put the desires like "I am attending the Art of Self Realisation & Kundalini Sadhna shivir with my family in Goa"? I would be grateful if you put DETAILED information on how to write the golden book on your page or on you tube. thank you in advance. Namah shivay.
A. Namah shivay. Divide the Golden book into three parts. Write about your long term goals on the last pages, the midterm goals in the middle and reserve maximum space for the short term or immediate goals because they will be written more or less on a daily basis. Understand what the 12 houses are and what all aspects of life they cover and write individually for each aspect. It’s not like you have to follow a strict pattern. You only have to know what the 12 aspects are. Once you know that, you can assign the amount of space to each as per your understanding. For example you are a student. Then it is not necessary that you would like to give too much importance to the section of the spouse because that will come under long term. There will be no mention of the spouse aspect in the short term goals or midterm goals. Likewise you should follow for each aspect. Blessings.

Q. Namah shivay thanks a ton for your answer. When we do sadhna and invoke sanjeevani, is it advisable to visualize our golden book and send/project sanjeevani on it? Will it accelerate the materialization process??
A. Namah shivay ji You have to read the golden book and visualize the goals before and after every sadhna and also once before the sleep. To enhance materialization powers, maintain more stillness of the mind through more and more meditation and sticking to a strict discipline of staying away from all forms of negativity. Blessings.

Q. Yeh garibo ka desh hai. Please lower class ke logo ko bhi sath jodyie.
A. नमः शिवाय| बाबाजी कहते हैं की अमीरियत और ग़रीबियत आपके कर्मों से होती है| शिव के द्वार पर कोई बड़ा नहीं है, कोई छोटा नहीं है| कोई अमीर नहीं है, कोई ग़रीब नहीं है| और अपने देश को ग़रीब कह के, तर्क देके और judge करके आप केवल गुरू की सीख का ही उलंघन नहीं कर रहे, अपितु अपने लिए और कर्म पैदा कर रहे हैं| आपके मुख से निकला हुआ हर शब्द एक मंत्र है| जब भी कोई वचन बोलें तो उसमें प्रेम हो, विनम्रता हो| कोई उस वचन को सुने या पढ़े तो उसको खुशी पहुँचे, करुणा का भाव उत्पन्न हो| क्योंकि आध्यात्मिक उन्नति की सबसे बड़ी पहचान है विनम्रता, धैर्य और हर कर्म में दिव्यता| एक सिद्ध की दी गयी इन सीखों को पुनः ग्रहण करके अपने लिखे हुए post को एक बार फिर पढ़ें और स्वयं से सवाल करें की एसा क्रोधित होके, तर्क देके और judgement देके क्या आपने पुण्य किया या पाप और भविष्य में अपनी बात को पहुँचाने का और बेहतर माध्यम, और बेहतर शब्दों का प्रयोग क्या हो सकता है| बाबाजी कहते हैं की अपने जीवन की हर घटना से हमें कुछ कुछ सीखना चाहिए| शिकायत करने से कोई लाभ प्राप्ति नहीं होती| अपने भीतर का रुद्र ही रुष्ट होता है| यदि एक ऐसी भाषा का प्रयोग हुआ है जिसको समझने में आपको दुविधा हो रही है, तो इसे एक अवसर समझें कुछ नया सीखने का| एक विकल्प और यह हो सकता है की आप google translate का उपयोग करें जिससे की जो भी लेख दिया जाता है, उसे आप अनुवाद कर सकें| नमः शिवाय|

Q. Namah shivay Shiv Yog Foundation if there is rebirth...then why can’t we remember our past life?
A. Naah shivay jaati smaran or the memory of past life has been removed by God because if that were to be allowed, people will create chaos. Everyone is as it is so attached to their possessions and close ones and over and above that if memory of past is granted, they would stake claim over it. The ability to see the past is there but only in those who are pure enough. The motive to see the past births is not to enjoy the sensationalism. The motive is to release the negative emotions accumulated back then. Because the present misery has its root in past traumas, emotions and sorrows which need to be released. All diseases are also owing to emotions. There are many you tube videos of Baba ji where he has himself answered your question. It’s a long answer and all can’t be explained here. Blessings.

Q. Namah shivay Shiv Yog Foundation ...I have heard about... near death experience (NDE) traveling through a dark tunnel which ends with a bright these all true or just hallucinations?
A. Namah shivay all these are true but one must not view them with excitement. Just witness. Like all other experiences, these too are for real. During the Art of Dying shivirs of Baba ji some sadhaks have actually experienced these. Blessings.

Q. "So, if you are caught between two situations - one, to meditate and the other to do some worldly chore, choose the former. " - I do also think meditation is important but we don't have to take a whole entire day to serve others, there is an opportunity to serve people even if it’s a small act.
A. Namah shivay ji. 365 days we work. At least some time we must reserve for extensive service. Without service, life is listless. Without meditation, life is directionless. Shiv Yog professes a holistic living. Worldly & spiritual must be balanced. For example you cannot use your phone relentlessly without charging it's battery. Meditation and service to humanity are battery chargers. You have to pay the price for whatever you get in life. You have to evolve. Baba ji says divide your day into three categories according to the nature of tasks in that period. Morning should be reserved for Deva karma. Then Sakaam karma and in the evenings shanti karma. Deva karma implies all the actions such as breath work, meditation and sankirtan which unfold the divine within you and which fill you with pure energy to work with perseverance the whole day. In the period of sakaam karma, make your full effort to fulfill your worldly duties with sincerity, honesty and dexterity. In the evening find peace by spending good time with the family. This is what Shiv Yog is. Sadhna, sewa and sankirtan daily, while also following worldly duties. This is the path of enjoyment of worldly goodness and renunciation of vices. And in the end this path will lead one to salvation or Self realization, Blessings.

Q. Om Namah Shivay Guru Jee. But from very beginning till today Bad Karma People is also enjoying like Politicians, big industrialist etc. And they have Power and Money. Can buy anything. Like in Mandir there is VIP entry....why? They do big Pooja and Yag from best Pandit. Meet big, big Spiritual people directly. What it means please guide.
A. Namah shivay ji. What we are looking at is to attain happiness and evolution through ways which lead us to self-realization. The devil is also very rich but in the end it is slayed by the Gods. As humans we have been given a choice. Meditate, purify and attain everything without getting too attached and finally ascend. Or cheat, lie, deceive, fool, beg, borrow and steal. Baba ji talks about Self-Realization. It is the highest accomplishment for a human being. So to reach there, one has to be focussed. What others are doing, they will have to pay the price for it. By indulging in corruption or cheating be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, one can never find peace. You can steal billions of dollars but you will not find peace. Your face will never glow. Your life will be full of fear, full of diseases. All the time you will think about ways of trickery. The kind of people you are talking about will never attain ascension, their coming generations will undergo massive suffering and they are living an animalistic life without growth. There has to be shine in life. Always take a good example. Do not eye what is not yours. Never cheat. Never be inspired by the devil. We have 2 choices at all times with us. One path will lead us to our soul wandering, suffering not only in this birth but for millions of years. Another path which Shiv Yog helps you guide on, is that of getting all the worldly comforts through legitimate ways. And not only legitimate, the ways are divine, spiritual and will help you excel in the world as well as on the spiritual front. Blessings.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Shambhavi sadhna

What is Shambhavi sadhna  -by Shivyog foundation.

One of the descriptions of Shambhavi is this


Namah shivay! The powerhouse of healing wisdom Holy Siddhas say that every disease is psychosomatic, caused by an interplay of negative deeds, negative emotions, negative energy and negative vibrations. The modern cure of diseases, however, revolves around three aspects, namely Doctor, Patient and Medicine. The doctor is focused only on the physical body, when actually there are four other bodies and so many more factors at play when a disease surfaces. The patient, for his part, is entirely reliant on the doctor to cure him. That means, he is just playing a passive role of a spectator, letting others effect healing, when he seeks improvement in his own conditions and the disease that affects him has been caused by factors for which he himself is solely accountable. Next, the medicine is prepared by synthetic chemicals, which may have side effects and which involve, for a large part, only the suppression of the symptoms rather than overall cure. These chemicals in fact, replicate the effect of natural secretions in our body which the Shiv Yog teachings explain how to trigger on our own. In the wake of such limited cure, it is quite clear that the negative deeds, emotions, energy and vibrations mentioned initially are not factored in when modern medicine begins curing a patient. It is here that Shiv Yog steps in. The Shambhavi Shakti, is a major step in empowering an individual with healing powers, inherent but unawakened in him, such that he is able to establish the connection with the cosmic powers for his exponential spiritual growth, understand the healing of the five bodies and improve the overall quality of all other aspects his life by healing them too. The Shambhavi sadhna of Shiv Yog opens the gateway to spiritual growth and eventually Self-Realization for a human being. After receiving the Shambhavi Initiation, a seeker experiences continuous flow of the divine healing energy through both his eyes and also through his subtle third eye, located between the two brows i.e. at the centre of the forehead. Inner peace and tranquillity, the perception of a Higher energy called God, ascension of the unascended ancestors are only by-products of the highest spiritual gain which the self healing Shambhavi bestows. Charity begins at home. So, the first stage of Shambhavi initiation involves the activation of powers which enable the person to cure himself of all the diseases and other negativity in life, by ‘switching on’ the mode of divinity in his life.


Namah shivay! After being empowered with the vedic wisdom and energy of Shambhavi Self-Healing, an individual is ready to receive the formidable power of Shambhavi to Heal Others. During the Initiation of the Shambhavi to Heal Others, the consciousness of the seeker is raised so much that his higher chakras and energy centres get activated and he connects with the most sacred Shambhavi Shakti of Lord Shiva. As this happens, he develops the ability to heal not only himself but also others through his hands and eyes. For the spiritual seeker, this energy is most useful in reaping divine dividends by developing a renewed meditational mojo to life. Baba ji, being the exponent of Shambhavi, informs that a regular practitioner of this meditation evolves the capability of directing the healing energy flowing through him to the person or object about which he merely thinks. And if that were not enough, as the seeker continues the regular practice of honing the Shambhavi energy, there arrives a stage of purity and divinity, when he has to just look at a person or object with his eyes wide open, with the feeling of unconditional love and the healing begins. There is no better service to Mother Nature than healing others. So much debt we accumulate every day from nature and there’s little we do to reciprocate. So what better way than curing diseases, ailments and problems of not only yourself but also those of others? Because the real joy is the joy of giving. Finally, the healing conferred by the Shambhavi shakti is only one of its superlative benefits. Originally, it is an enabling mechanism towards evolution and progression on the spiritual front to bridge the gap between human and God, between mortality and immortality, between finitude and infinity. The enormous benefits of the ascension of the soul, evolution of the consciousness, dissolving of the karmic factors are over and above the real ones of clearing and paving the way for one to climb up the ladder of divinity through sadhna, sewa and sankirtan (meditation, service and chanting).

Q. One more Question please I am not a Hindu can I learn this miracle science thank you very much for reply.
A. Namah shivay ji. The meditations and healing have nothing to do with religion. This is spirituality. This is subtle science. Any kind of religious connotations are out of this. In fact you will be glad to know that already people of various religions are practitioners of Shiv Yog. Blessings.

Q. Namah shivay Shiv Yog Foundation, just out of curiosity - it is advised that to attend the highest deeksha shivir which is gonna happen in Singapore, one should have attended a shambhavi shivir earlier. What I wanted to know is why are we not eligible to attend this shivir if we haven't attended any of the smabhavi shivirs earlier. In other words, isn't it strange that there is "eligibility criterion" for something as divine as a shivir? What is BAbaji's point of view on this? Moreover, what will go wrong if a person who hasn’t attended any of the shambhavi shivirs will attend this programme directly in Singapore? Thank you, NMS.
A. Namah shivay ji. Logic can twist any fact or reality. When we are in an academic school, do we question the fact that why we need to be in class 1 before going to class 2? Why not go to the class 12 or perhaps not even that, college straightaway? Shambhavi and Shree Vidya are most sacred meditations. When the essential academic education is kept step wise for perfect development and learning in an individual, this sacred science of Shiv Yog is all the more essential to be given in that way since it involves the blessing of indescribably large amount of energy. To receive that, one must become pure by not only receiving the basic deeksha first but practicing it at one's end to attain a certain threshold level of purity before becoming worthy for something greater. It's a very simple and fundamental rule of every learning process. There has to be a nuanced approach to learning. Blessings…

Q. What about us from in Canada? I have attended all the shivirs in Canada?
A. Namah shivay ji if you have attended the Shambhavi programme, you are most welcome to join. Blessings…

Q. Thank u babaji please let me know when you will be coming to USA.
A. Namah shivay ji February-March are the tentative months for holding of a shivir in USA. Blessings…

Q. NAMAH SHIVAY Baba ji. Could you please tell us about when you will come to Winnipeg Canada, so we can start preparations? I am waiting for you for many years. Please come early.
A. Namah shivay ji that will be in the first half of 2015. Blessings…