Thursday, April 10, 2014

NAVRATRA SPECIAL 10 : Paying back Baba Ji's debt

In a unique exhortation to his dearest pupils, Baba ji urges all of them to pay a part of their debt to him, albeit in a different way. He asks all the sadhaks to pursue Narayan sewa with their own income and according to their capabilities. He makes a universal appeal to run 'Anna kshetras' (community kitchens) for cows or/and humans.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

NAVRATRA SPECIAL 9 : Seek and the Goddess shall grant

Baba ji contends that it is very important to have a goal in life in order to give it a direction .The goal should be classified as immediate, mid-term and long term. One should always pray to God and the Guru to fulfil that goal. One should not be apprehensive about how it would be fulfilled. One must only follow the path of divinity and truth. Trust God religiously and in due course of time you will realize that your wish has been granted. You have the power to change your destiny.

Baba ji reveals that many people approach him requesting a peek into their future through his clairvoyance. He says that he categorically spurns such requests as that would result in the seekers resigning to their fate Moreover, Baba ji says, destiny is changeable so peering at the future is not too worthwhile.

Baba ji advises the sadhaks to eliminate the logic mind during the process of manifestation and to just surrender to the Mother of the Universe.

He concludes that each one of us should realize that we have infinite potential.

Monday, April 7, 2014

NAVRATRA SPECIAL 8 : Worshipping the Real Goddess

Goddess Amba, the ocean of love and kindness is ever ready to grace the one who seeks Her blessings. So merciful is the Goddess that she is willing to manifest herself and bless the seeker in any form he so wishes. So from power to wealth, from poverty to illusion, all are her forms. It is upto the seeker in what manifestation he invokes the Devi.

On a different note, Baba ji adds that the birth of a girl child signals the arrival of a Goddess in the family. If a person is devoid of wisdom and perceives this birth as a burden for life, the Goddess grants him troubles for his life. The new born baby girl has the Goddess activated in her as Bala Tripursundari.

Daksh Prajapati is one example of a man who paid the price of disrespecting his daughter. He was blessed to have the Goddess herself as his daughter but she warned to depart as soon as he disrespected her. He prospered as she entered his family as Goddess Sati and because of her blessings he came to be hailed as 'Prajapati'. But later, as he insulted her, she departed, replacing his head with a goat's head.
The second time a Goddess enters the family is as the daughter-in-law. The latter is symbolic of Goddess Mahalakshmi. But an ignorant person instead of welcoming the Goddess is concerned about the windfall monetary gains in the form of dowry. Doing this ruins his luck.

The third form of the physical manifestation of Goddess is the old mother. If she is abandoned, the Mahakali gets upset.

Baba ji sermonizes that it is no good worshipping idols if one cannot respect the living aspect of the Goddess. He adds that there can be no family where the women are disrespected and the family is prospering.Thus, the more the women are respected in the family,be more the divine energies will be willing to come to those families.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

NAVRATRA SPECIAL 7 : Overcoming Raktabeej called karmas

After the slaying of Chand-Mund, Shumbh Nishumbh sent an extremely cunning demon named Raktbeej. This demon had the unique capability to regenerate as a completely new self from any of his blood droplets which would fall on the earth.

He is a personification of the cause and effect of our karmic cycle. We release our Karmas through two ways, one is Sadhna and the other is peacefully suffering in pain and learning the lesson. But each time a person suffers he envies every person who is a medium for his suffering, thereby creating new karmas. The one who seeks the guidance of the Goddess gets himself freed from the Karmik cycle.

So as Raktbeej headed towards the Goddess, she began radiating the divine powers of the holy trinity, their incarnations and the angels. As the Goddess slaughtered him, he multiplied manifolds. In order to avoid the blood drops from falling on the ground, the Goddess she started drinking the demon's blood. Eventually he was completely drained and terminated.

Shumbh-Nishumbh were shocked to hear this and wondered how could Raktbeej be defeated. Soon, Nishumbh headed with his army to fight with the Goddess. He too met the same fate as Raktbeej. Lastly, Shumbh came for the war who also challenged her to fight alone. He tried hard to deceive the Goddess but all in vain as she caught hold of him and eliminated him. Soon, the universe became peaceful.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

NAVRATRA SPECIAL 6 : The unmatchable prowess of Devi Ma

The minutest of negative emotions have a butterfly effect says Baba ji. A folly made by Narad Ji caused Goddess Sita to be a hostage to Raavan and Kumbhakaran .

Shumbh and Nishumbh were demonic brothers who overpowered the angels and captured the holy trinity of Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh, which led to disturbance in the universe. Therefore, all the angels collectively invoked Goddess Amba who appeared before them to free themselves of the formidable torment of the deadly demons. So, the Goddess took it upon herself to liberate the divinity from the shackles of these devils.

The Goddess chose to tackle the demons in a unique manner. The valiant Devi made the audacious move of approaching the demons in their den.

The devils saw the Goddess and were awestruck by her resplendent beauty. Suddenly, world beaters Shumbh and Nishumbh wondered that they may have conquered the world, they still had to get such a beautiful woman in their grasp.This feeling of discontentment and dissatisfaction experienced by the devils is a personification of the vice of greed inherent in humans.

Baba ji says that one must be satisfied with whatever all one has got, rather than lamenting over what is not his.

Back to the story, Shumbh Nishumbh sent their wedding proposal to the Goddess. She refused, saying she would marry only the one who could defeat her in a duel. This left the two devils infuriated. Shumbh Nishumbh then sent Dhumralochan with his army to politely ask her to accept their marriage proposal, otherwise they would have to drag her with her hair and forcefully presented at the feet of Shumbh & Nishumbh. So despite this warning when the Devi refused to change her stand, the army of devils jumped to attack and overpower the Devi. The Goddess roared her war cry aloud (hummmm) and with the mere cry, destroyed Dhumralochan and his army which proved no match for the powerful Devi.

Next, Shumbh-Nishumbh choose to send another of their formidable demon duos of Chand and Mund to capture the Goddess for them. And when they confronted Devi, they too met the same fate as Dhoomralochan and his army. From the body of the Devi originated another Goddess -- Ma Kali who sliced the heads of Chand and Mund. Eventually, Goddess Kali presented the sliced heads of Chand and Mund to her progenitor - Amba Devi after which the latter christened the former as 'Chamundeshwari'.

Friday, April 4, 2014

NAVRATRA SPECIAL 5: Empower the Goddess within to end the ego's obstinate reign

Long ago, there existed a devil named Mahishasur. Baba ji tells that devil and angels co-exist in a person in the form of their emotions. If the collective consciousness has anger and hatred pent up in it, then Mahishasur will evolve. On the contrary, if it is devotion and love that occupy greatest share of the mindscape of the majority, then the positivity associated with Goddess Durga subdues the negativity of Mahishasur. After being dethroned from heaven, Indra took the refuge of the divine trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, who invoked the Goddess to end the terror reign of Mahishasur. The Goddess was bestowed with the weapons of all Gods and angels. Upon being empowered in such a manner, she roared such that the sound echoed across the universe. Hearing such an unprecedentedly fierce war cry, a fearful Mahisasur, rushed his army towards the direction of the roar. As the hordes of Mahishasur's personnel took turns to attack the Goddess, she pummeled them with unseemly ease. Thus, the most courageous but evil-natured Mahisasur and his army were destroyed by the Goddess.
Mahishasur is the personification of the vice of 'ego' which is the root cause of all the troubles afflicting us. It is as deceptive as Mahishasur. Just as he deceives the Goddess repeatedly, firstly by bombarding his army of devils at the Goddess, then manifesting himself as buffalo, lion, elephant and again a buffalo before finally being killed by her trishul, the ego in us takes various forms.
The recital of the verses of Durga Saptashati enables a person to free himself from the pain caused by the ego as the goddess resides in each particle and activates herself only when the person so desires.