Saturday, April 22, 2017



"Most of the time we waste our energy in thinking about that one person from whom we have most expectations from, the one person who has given us most pain, the one person whose memory is not good for our ultimate good. Remember that even if the other person, about whom you are thinking is at fault, he or she will not be affected by your hatred or negativity. What the other person did he will receive, but that is only 3% of the real situation. That is the action. But what is more important is your reaction to what the other person did. Reaction constitutes 97% of the situation.

Remember that the search is for happiness and happiness is not in the action of the other person. Happiness comes from within. So try to go within.

The key to happiness lies in fulfilling your true life purpose by discharging all your responsibilities - worldly and spiritual. At the worldly level, paying back to the people you has received so much from. That is the foremost priority. At the level of the inner self, you must take out 2 hours every day for yourself. And now some people will say we do find time for ourselves. But let me tell you the time you find out for your work, your friends, your relatives, and your leisure is not the time for yourself. You have to understand that what you are. You have to feed not only the physical body but also your emotional body, the mind body and the soul.

The mind is very clever. It will not let you sit still. It will not let itself be ruled by any other influence. But you have to be firm and fully aware of what you want from this life. If it is self realization, then you have to be committed to the path shown by your Guru. Be steadfast in holding your mantra, staying rooted in your sadhna.

If you succeed in evolving your consciousness and energy through sadhna, you will see that you find success in whatever you do.

It is only through happiness and bliss derived from sadhna that you will achieve everything in life. After all, you, as a spiritual being, have taken birth to have humanly experience. If you are unhappy and sad, it is only failure that you will attract in your life.

Every Shiv Yogi has to rise from Shaitan Bhaav (devilish tendencies) to Manushya Bhaav (humanly instinct), to Dev Bhaav (Compassionate instinct) & finally through sadhna and Guru Krupa, Parmaatma Bhaav (Godly conduct).

Live in the present moment. Forget the past; renounce the worry of the future. Learn to seek happiness in the present moment."

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Important Message from Babaji, who will be on fast for you

Need Healing? Move over Facebook. Forget WhatsApp healing groups. Connect and seek for your own self directly from the Guru from 4am to 7am your time.
COMING SOON: System of Healing Requests on website
COMING SOON: Direct Gratitude giving to Guru on website
NOTE: Use the photograph attached on the website to forge a stronger connection in your daily prayer with the Guru.

When fasting is combined with prayers, a pure heart and mind receives divine results. Any evil effect that may have been there, any bad karma or action that may have been committed unknowingly is forgiven.

When you seek healing, it is important to seek it from the Guru and God, because Divinity has empowered the Guru with the divine task. Never ask a finite individual for healing. One should not rush here and there for healing. Everything is exchange of energy. When healing is sought from anyone who is not yet purified completely, there is always a give and take and you may not know what is given by you and what is taken from you.

It has already been conveyed many times that healing is your birthright, you must practice it only for your purification and the maximum help that you can do is to heal your immediate family who are karmically bound with you. You have all the right to heal yourself and to heal your family members but refrain from healing anyone else or asking healing from anyone else. If at all you need to ask, ask from your Guru and God.

It is not known easily to a finite person that when you invoke higher energies, you are opening yourself to all kinds of entities. The one who may be healing you can invoke wrong energies or entities. These entities involve complex give and take. The moment they give something, in return they do take back also, something which a normal person will not be aware of and it can even be dangerous.

Baba ji’s words, “When your Guru is there for you, what is the need to run here and there for healing? Healing is not a fashion but a great responsibility. The Guru has not empowered anyone for group healings because he does not want you to get stuck in the consequences of these things. There is already so much of karmic baggage, why add on more? I want sadhaks to focus now only on their self-purification through self-healing and healing of their immediate family members. Healing empowerment and training is given to you for self-purification only and for helping your immediate family members and that’s it. Focus on your sadhna and your Forums. That is the purpose of sadhna? Self-purification. If everyone takes care of themselves it is more than enough. Learn to communicate your seeking with your Guru and not of the world around. When you tell your problems to others, you may be subjected to mockery or abuse. Whereas when you communicate with your Guru, the Guru can never reveal your problems to anyone and so mockery and judgment is out of question.

To help each one of you facilitate and believe in your own powers of self-healing, I will be fasting from tonight. And morning 4am to 7am from tomorrow (March 18, 2017). I am going to now sit for a very strong, deep and powerful meditation, specially for all those who need healing. Connect to me during these hours in the morning and enhance the healing. The intensity of healing will be very powerful. In the evening, I will again be focused on this task and I would like to tell you that if you and your family do the FAMILY PRAYER together, it will benefit you most because I will join you. Only thing is that you must sit in meditation with very pure intention during the process with an attitude of gratitude towards your Guru, parents and God and you will see the self-healing accelerating manifold. It will help you connect easily to receive the grace of God.

I will be fasting from tonight. If I can sit and pray for you for 3 hours every in the morning, can’t you sit for your own self-healing for even half-hour daily? If I can send healing and love to your family members, can’t you sit for another half-hour and send healing for your loved ones in your immediate family? I want you all to be good, hard working, very loving, very caring individuals who practice meditation regularly. I want that you be a giver not a taker. We have done enough for our own selves, now let a part of us think for others and do for others (family).
A culture of thanksgiving must be inculcated in Shiv Yog where, when you get healed through your connection with the Guru, you would need to offer gratitude for it and heartily thank for the blessings you have received due to which you have been healed. This is how you energetically pay back for the healing and well being.

So, take responsibility for yourself and do the hard work, sit in meditation and connect with me every morning during your 4 am to 7 am. Same time send healing to your immediate family members. Evenings, do the family prayer together and all be connected in love and gratitude towards each other and to your Guru and God. I am now going to do strong tapasya and meditation for all of you because I want to see all of you moving towards ascension.
I will begin fasting from tonight till March 25th for all of you. Bless you. Namah Shivay.”