Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Durga Saptashati

Durga Saptashati highlights all those vices and negative traits which become the root cause of our eventual downfall.

Madhu kaitabh were devils whose ultimate end taught us how to lead a social life. Never be eager to hear your praises and never foul mouth and criticize others. Speaking and hearing are two of the blessings which must be used only to utter and listen to the divine.

Mahishasur is our ego. Do not nurse the tendencies of one-upmanship and “I’m better or bigger ...than you” sort of approach to life. Be humble and enjoy others’ success.

Shumbh-Nishumbh paid the price of wanting way too much. Greed became the cause of their ultimate doom. Likewise we must be happy with whatever we get. We must thank Shiva for whatever we have and at the same time working hard to accomplish more.

The Golden book is our horoscope and it can materialize the wishes written in it when our consciousness level rises through Shree Vidya sadhna. In life there must be contentment and happiness at whatever we have been given.

Always be positive and never be negative, because Baba ji says that “Jis roop men dhyaogey us roop men Devi Chali aaegi”.
Sadhna is a must for Devi’s Kundalini form overcome all vices.

Time table must be such that the routine chores be divided into three categories:
1. Dev karma in the morning to accumulate life force energy to last throughout the day.
2. Sakaam karma ie the worldly work that we must do to earn our bread and butter.
3. Shanti karma when we arrive in the evening to spend time with our family (soul group).

The reason for our family members being with us today is that there were unresolved issues of the previous births which needed mending. So to ensure that, first accept yourself the way you are. Forgive yourself. And unconditionally love yourself. Next, no family member must be unhappy because of you. Unconditionally love all your family members. Accept them the way they are, irrespective of how they are. Forgive them. In the evening sit together and laugh together. Be happy not alone but with all. Spread the cheer.

Learn a lesson from every incident in life.

Shun the habit of having bed tea in the morning.

As Shree Vidya sadhaks, do not curse money or complain about the amount you receive every month. Create more abundance through Shree Vidya sadhna. Respect money.

Those performing Shree Vidya sadhna daily are also reaping the following benefits:
Propitiating Maha Kali and receiving the aatma shakti in the form of confidence and belief.
Propitiating Maha Saraswati and receiving not only worldly knowledge but spiritual Wisdom too.
Propitiating Maha Laxmi and soliciting abundance, wealth and prosperity in all walks of life.

A Shakti upaasak is never short on the aforementioned three aspects.
The means of spending money governs how money will flow from your pocket. Earn honestly and spend honestly. Keep aside currency for charity and other noble causes.

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