Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shree Vidya 2 --- CONTINUATION 1

Baba ji announced a Shree Vidya 2 course in Singapore in January next year.
  • One sadhak asked how a certain saint got astray from the divine path despite being a brilliant Guru with exceptional teachings. To this, Baba ji said, the saint was a classic case of how spirituality can destroy you if you choose the wrong path. Baba ji said all the Vedas and puranas are symbolic. The Samudra Manthan or churning of the ocean milk to extract beneficial ratnas or gems which is much talked in Bhagwat puran is nothing but symbol of purity as it happens in sadhna.
  • There are 4 stages of purity when churning takes place via meditation.
  1. At first, the Halaahal vish or toxic poison comes out. That means in the first stage of sadhna, all negative emotions, habits etc are removed.
  2. After removal of Tamogun or negative qualities, comes overpowering of Rajogun or kingly qualities of sex, enjoyment of worldly joys, pleasures, success in the world, high position of authority etc.
  3. The third stage is when the Rajogun is overpowered. This is followed by inculcation of good qualities in oneself or mastering the Satogun.
  4. The fourth and the final stage is Amrit manthan or nectar churning that means rising above all the qualities to reach the state of Nirgun or without any quality.
  • The saint, Baba ji said got stuck when all his bad qualities were removed. The rising consciousness he manoeuvred in the wrong direction. He was entangled in the sensual pleasures and thus given the name sex Baba. The Shakti soon ate him up and his life was messed up and he was the sole reason of his own undoing.
  • Baba ji said all these things can most certainly afflict us Shiv Yogis too if we don’t channelize our energies in the right direction.


Baba ji is extremely impressed with the arrangements for a shivir of such enormity being held with so much ease and comforts that He has announced plans to conduct Shree Vidya 3 next year at this time.

“श्री विद्या करने के बाद और कर्मों के बक्षण के बाद भी मैने देखा है की साधक लोग अपनी सोच और तमस से attach हो रखे हैं!”

  • Baba ji said that many habits and thinking of sadhaks is still not up to the level that He reckons it should be for a Shiv Yogi. He said all Shiv Yogis particularly Shri Vidya sadhaks need to work very hard to change their mindsets, negative, skewed thinking and tendencies to get angry, lusty, greedy and egoistic. Baba ji said he was hopeful that all the sadhaks will make an effort to change themselves and not remain stuck in the prison of negative qualities.
  • Most of you would be coming to Shree Vidya 3 only with massive changes in your way of thinking and intention do things and if not then it’s the wrong path you will choose deliberately. 
  • In the auditorium itself Baba ji openly announced that most of the sadhaks won’t be coming for Shree Vidya 3 if they refuse to change their thinking and negative mindset.  For Shree vidya 3 Baba ji said only those shall come who are really pure and have mastered Shree Vidya 2 and he sincerely hoped that changes are brought for as many sadhaks to do the most powerful shivir ever.
  • Baba ji is introducing a technology wherein Shree Vidya 3 can be done by only those who have done Shree Vidya 2 by swapping of the cards. So it is a request to all those who do Shree Vidya 2, do not lose your ID cards if you wish to do Shree Vidya 3.
  • Also Baba ji said that only a few choicest of sadhaks who excel in the Shree Vidya 2 shall be called for Shree Vidya 3. He said He will be preparing sadhaks for the higher Shree Vidya 3 by doing weekly courses at DLF ashram or Lucknow Ashram for those who have already done Shree Vidya 2. 
  • Baba ji would not be taking Samadhi in May next year. His tapa or meditation time will start in April so he will remain secluded and will come out of the deep meditation once a month to take a shivir or two.
  • Time and again He said that he wanted sadhaks to grow more spiritually. He said there is massive scope for improvement. MAJORITY OF THE SADHAKS DONT LET GO. THEY ARE ATTACHED SO MUCH TO THEIR SORROWS AND MISGIVINGS. This He said needs to change if Ascension has to happen.

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