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Shree Vidya 2 Goa-----Invaluable Gyan

Namah shivay although the immensely divine shivir being held at Goa is a highly secretive one too but there are some teachings from it which can be disbursed to anyone and everyone. Infect every sadhak needs to follow these teachings some of which never have been told by Baba ji. Some of them have been elucidated below:

The phrases in quotes are the exact wordings of Baba ji.

"श्री विद्या साधक को मर्यादा पुरुषोत्तम होना होता है! अपने लिए कुछ नियम बनाओ जिनका पालन हर हाल में करना तुम अपना कर्तव्य समझो"
Baba ji said as a Shree Vidya sadhak one ought to lay down certain principles which one should follow as a beholden duty. We must look to emulate Lord Rama who never compromised his ideals even if it meant sacrificing something as important as His wife Sita.

Baba ji listed some essential duties for every relation. Some of them are:

As a Husband-----Never admonish or pillory or ridicule your better half. Treat her as Parvati Ma. Accept her the way she is. Politely put forward your point. Humbly talk to her.
 As a Wife-----Never be nag and pester. Never try to teach a lesson to the husband.  Carefully listen and fulfill demands of your spouse.
 As Children-----Respect your parents. Remember you were helpless at birth and at subsequent stages. They were the ones to rear and care and bring you up to be able to stand on your own in life.
माता पिता का आदर ऐसे करना जैसे ऋषि मुनियों का करना होता है
 To Elders -----Always talk in "मधुर वचन". Do not ever raise your voice to any elder anywhere in the world.
 As Siblings----- Show care and concern. There shouldn’t be any fear between siblings. Everyone should enjoy their space and freedom.
 Towards Opposite Sex----- For Men:
1. See women as Devis and not objects.
 2. See young girls as Bala Tripura as a young Goddess.
 3. Do not judge the vital stats.
 4. Always be courteous and chivalrous to women.
5. Never ever abuse or reprimand a woman. It will have direct consequences to your Shree Vidya sadhna.
 For Women:
1. See men as Devs.
2. Do not portray and depict fear for men.
 Baba ji also said that many people say that if a man and woman are alone sexual tendencies are bound to inevitably follow. This He said was a delusion and extremely wrong impression. Sex is a means of procreation and not a foregone conclusion in solitude. It is animal tendency to think about opposite sex as objects of seeking pleasure.

"तुम्हारा इस  पृथ्वी पर Unconditional love के अलावा  कुछ है  ही नही! सिर्फ़ unconditional love तुम्हारा है बाकी सब उधारी है तो जो अपना है उसे कभी मत खोना"
  • As a Shiv Yogi and more so as a Shree Vidya sadhak do not ever be eager to take treats and parties from anyone. This can become a cause for regression. Finish this practice.
  • Completely abolish the practice of receiving gifts even on birthdays or any occasion for that matter.
 "अपने को अलंकृत करना भी पशु भाव है"  
  • Immoderate Narcissism He said is also animal nature. One must dress up well and stay well clothed and gleaning but this should not assume proportions wherein you would like people to comment how you look or as it is said "pay you compliments". To stay up in front of mirrors preening and beautifying is sowing seeds of being an animal in the next birth.
 "मेरे पास साधना के लिए टाइम नही है"
  • This Baba ji said is a statement of fools. He said to experience the joys of life and success in this world we have to acknowledge the presence of the almighty without the permission of which not even an electron can move. We have all the time in the world to cater to the distractions of TV, Newspapers and phone nay social networking but we have no time for sadhna. At the same time it doesn’t imply that one should shun all worldly tasks and concentrate on meditation per se. An astutely defined balance is to be created.
  • When someone insults us, we feel inordinate hatred and resentment against that person. This feeling is very strong. The magnitude of strength of such a feeling needs to be brought in sadhna. The desire to be pure should be like the desire to take revenge upon insult.
 Be like nature. If you throw garbage, the Earth doesn't eat you up but if someone throws some insult at us, our blood boils in the agony of revenge and retort.
Express gratitude to all of nature
As the trees provide you oxygen, Mother Earth selflessly provides you with space to work and stand other agents of nature help you live every day. Thank them every day without a miss.

"बाहर को अपने आधीन करो, खुद बाहर के आधीन ना बनो !"   
  • Elaborating the above sentence, Baba ji said with new inventions and technologies being dished out every day, people get excited and become slaves of the mod cons. This must be avoided. Eagerness and excitement for these things should only be to a certain extent.
 "मधु कैटभ से बचना"   
  • "Madhu" He said implies listening to undeserving or deserving opprobrium and praise to satiate one's ego. This He said gives fuel to one's inflating ego and is not good for a sadhak who is en route to salvation. So never be hungry for praise. If praise comes inadvertently to you just thank the almighty. Do not bask and wallow in the false ego.  "Kaitabh" on the other hand he elaborated means making statements like "I don’t get along with that person" or "I like and love everyone but not him/her".  Love everyone. All are creations of God. Just that they forget their real self. In no way should this make them a character of hatred in your eyes. Remember before entering Shiv Yog you too were alike.
 "भगवान बनो धनवान नही"
  • This Baba ji said was paramount since post 2012 all the richness and luxuries shall be rendered null and void. What will go along is your sadhna and divinity. Not to forget purity of intention and thought. This He quickly added did not in any way mean that one plonks oneself on a sofa taking shelter in the excuse that since everything is ending let’s sit back. The mere intention to do such a thing is venomous.
  •  "Don’t be a corrector. Lay more emphasis on emotions"
  • Baba ji said it is almost a habit to correct everyone in every manner possible. One should be only interested in correcting oneself.
  •  "Stay happy and make others happy"
 "अपने हर कर्म से पहले अपने से explanation माँग लेना की इस कर्म करने के पीछे मेरी क्या भावना है?"
  •  Baba ji said if upon doing the karma you will feel fear, anger, greed, revenge, resentment, non forgiveness and any other negative emotion, just backtrack. Back out from doing such an action because this will cause unimaginable harm to you as a sadhak.
 "अज्ञानी को अज्ञान मिले, मिल मिल बाँछे ज्ञान"
  • When you encounter a misdeed or misinformation about someone, it is the innate propensity to go and distribute it to others and see their reactions. Never do this. Anyone who does this is inviting great pain and sorrow.
  • Never criticize anyone. Not even politicians. Their karma becomes your part when you talk about them.
 "तुम्हे भगवान ने दो हाथ किसी को लताड़ने, पीटने या किसी के लिए ग़लत करने के वास्ते नही मिले हैं. ये किसी की सेवा और किसी और के आँसू पोंछनें के लिए दिए हैं"

Baba ji also said in jest and jokingly that the residents of Goa who used to party on Hip Hop songs now do so on Maheshasur Mardini MUCH TO THE AMUSEMENT OF THE AUDITORIUM.
 Baba ji made everyone dance so much including Geetanjali ji and Ishan ji and requested everyone to enjoy party and dance everyday in life.

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