Tuesday, May 3, 2011


  • Don't get into the Karta bhaav; HE does everything.
  • Bade baba (Bhagwan Nityanand ji) taught baba ji (Shivanand ji) "Bhaav re" (intention) in everything. There has to be rhythm in that intention.
  • Be aware of the intention of every word you utter.
  • Be aware all the time, don't do anything without consciousness.
  • As the bhaav happens, certain set of DNAs start vibrating.
  • Just like there is a creator and destroyer, there are two sets of DNA - one that gives life and the other that destroys. So with your "bhaav" you activates creation or distraction in your life.
  • Every incident creates two impressions - good and bad.
  • You can't create bhaav with an incident of the past; be in the present. The fourth dimension is present.
  • The phenomenon of planet earth is always two. There can't be one. If there is a negative there has to be a positive. Disease - health. If science has not yet discovered cure it doesn't mean that the cure does not exist. (Babaji meant for every disease there is a cure."
  • Until you reach the desire less state, know what you want in life, plan, and be an architect for your life.
  • The Sanjeevani is supreme consciousness which is intelligent. Do not interfere with how it works or how it should work. Just give direction and use intention (bhaav).
  • Sanjeevani is Lord Mahamruthunjaya's unconditional love.
  • Maa Sanjeevani listens to not our verbal language but language of emotions and feelings.
  • Power of prayer is again your bhaav.
  • Guru ko baandhna hai bhaav ki rassi se. (Bind the guru with the rope of intentions and feelings.)
  • Whenever some issues come up that seem impossible, write what you want (solution) and keep it between two yantras and chant - it gives miraculous results.
  • Don't fall in techniques while chanting mantra, use bhaav (intention).

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