Monday, June 6, 2011

Shree Vidya 2---- CONTINUATION 2

"जैसा अन्न  वैसा मन " 
  • Almost as if Baba ji understood the question in so many sadhaks' mind what to eat ---Veg. or Non veg. Baba ji explained that at the time of killing, the poultry animal  secretes Adrenalin which is a fight or flight hormone secreted when immense fear and anxiety is being experienced. The animal is very afraid and intolerant at that time. Whoever consumes fish and chicken starts to develop these feelings of fear, intolerance and more of adrenalin secretion.
  • In the same vein Baba ji added that a better parameter to gauge if a person is Veg. or Non veg. is the kind of language and behaviour one has towards others. If you harbour only negative emotions like jealousy, anger and fear towards others you are pure non veg. If you on the other hand have only unconditional love and kindness towards others, consider yourself in the bracket of vegetarians.
  • Babaji absolutely forbade a Shiv yogi from beef & pork. He said that red meat is the most horrible, as its the meat of a mammal which has great love for its children, as it is the species which is capable of the act of suckling which creates a great bond among mother and child. When slaughtered, the mother has the fear for her young, this fear remains in the red meat which is responsible for many diseases and loss of spiritual powers
  • Also consumption of red meat he said, led to karmic baggage. The white meat he says carry less negative energy, of which fish the least, so if a sadhak, is in the habit, till he uplifts he may indulge in white meat, but never red meat.
  • Baba ji advised all sadhaks to start eating unpolished rice as it is readily absorbed by the body.
  Role of the water element (element of Swaddhisthan Chakra) in our lives
  • Baba ji said not only physically but astrally also we are made up of 70% water element.  As we age, the water elements starts dissipating at a rapid rate as a result, the skin starts to sag and wrinkles start to show up.  Along with contamination, through feelings of lust and desire the Swaddhisthan chakra starts getting polluted by deposition of black energy ( and in Baba ji's words "organisms of polluted astral water")
  • Baba ji reminded all doing Praan Kriyas daily helps retain the astral water in the body too.
  • A shiv yogi should never lust for what is not his, he should not eye others belongings. As this leads to destruction.
 "I am Shiva and you are Shiva"
  • Baba ji said if we consider everyone including ourselves as Shiva, we won’t pass judgments and criticize others.
  • When Baba ji said someone shouts at you or gets angry at you just simply say "waah Shiv ji aaj to badey mood men ho".
  • Saying Namah shivay implies bowing to the Shiva within the other person. And if all are Shiva you are bowing in front of yourself only so this practice opens up the Aanahat chakra.
  • Shiva is Nirgun and so if you ever feel sad or dejected just says I am Shiva and I can’t be sad. My innate state is to stay happy all the time. Sat---chit--anand or forever blissful.
 Anger Our Greatest enemy
  • Baba ji said that anger means you are very weak internally. When the inner consciousness is weak, it tries to defend itself through the channel of harsh words or "katu vachan". Never do this. Do deep meditations and your internal self will become stronger and anger would gradually subside. 
  • Energy expended while admonishing or venting your anger at others is equivalent to drain your energy in multiple sensual activities. So abstain from anger which is rubs salts on the false ego's wounds.
  • Never complain. Complaining is passing a judgment that the situation is bad and it won’t change. It is basically resigning to the situation. A Shiv Yogi creates situations and never surrenders to them so always Create. Never complain.
  • Do your best in all Ashrams of life viz. Brhamcharya by being focused on one carrier and goal. Grehastha by forging a healthy family clan. Vanprastha by reaping the rewards of earlier Ashrams and finally Sanyaas from worldy pleasures and getting ready to embrace the original Father-----Shiva.
The shivir ended on a note of positivity and  towards the end when Baba ji was citing the example of  getting angry on others, He said for example if you are angry at your son and he misbehaves, never let your anger rule you. The ever so humorous and witty Ishan ji asked His father in his typical light hearted and facetious way "Beta ka hi example kyun har baar" much to the amusement of the gathering. Baba ji replied "Ab biwi (Guru Ma) bhi yahaan baithin hain, Beti (Geetanjali) bhi yahaan baithi hai kiska naam na lun?"  This left the sadhaks in all the more delightful state.

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