Monday, June 13, 2011

Queries of shadhaks-- Part 2

Q. 1 I've been experiencing some hurdles lately. As I sit for sadhna, I don't feel relaxed and am continuously restless about various thoughts moving in my mind. Thoughts are very irrelevant. Earlier I was able to attain complete peace whilst meditating but now I find my mind unstable for some peace. Please guide me! I want to meditate and improve my entire consciousness.

A. The mind is very interesting if you try and perceive it in the context of emotions, if there is one strong emotion dominant, then that will be the only activity enveloping everything else. Our mind can only do one thing at a time, for example it’s not that half our face laughs and half our face cries, one activity either happy or sad, love or hate etc., etc.
In the same way also the mind is capable of either creating or eliminating, only one activity is possible, the difference between these two is of lighting the candle or fighting the darkness, both seems the same but one is a never ending process, the process of elimination, fighting the darkness.
One is focus and the other one is trying to focus. Trying to focus means there are so many thoughts and I don’t want them, so I try to get rid of them. This will lead to anxiety as the more I struggle the more my mind will focus on these thoughts, leading to anger or even sadness.
Focus means I know what I want, and all my thoughts work in that one direction. Focus, means that now I don’t waste my energies, fighting the darkness, feeling anxious about what I don’t want, but just that one objective what I want to achieve.
The moment I know what I want, I am creating. Now there is no question of what I don’t want, and that is why Babaji says all the time “chahte kya ho”. He knows we waste so much in eliminating. But as a shiv yogi you must create----- create peace, create success and divinity in your life.

Q. 2 Babaji how I would come to know that when I call, you have arrived.......I am struggling to keep my studies better but not successful... I did lot of healing....please help me.

A. Our shastras say “God says I am in everything, and if he is everywhere, why do I need to invoke him? How can I invoke that which is all around me in me etc?
A glass sheet can be a window, a glass sheet can be a mirror, the difference if you look into one you see the world, look into another you see yourself, another difference one is completely pure the other, well from one side its painted, but they both our glass, in the same way our mind is also just the mind, If pure we see that God all around, painted with our karmas, we see but only ourselves and our vicars.
Why do we meditate? Why to invoke God? How can we when he is already around us, in us. We meditate so that we purify till we become aware of his presence.
Sun is shining, don’t sit under a umbrella, just be aware of one fact Baba ji loves you, Baba ji is always with you, I am the witness I see, He meditates twenty four hours, so that you can achieve healing and success and when he is not meditating, he takes shivirs so he can be with you. The whole Guru Mandal loves you and they meditate for you, Next time before you invoke just become aware.

Q. 3 Do you feel that doing homa can also create very powerful vibrations around you?  And my other question for you is - if one had a choice of giving charity to a temple versus helping a girl child with her education which is the better option and why?

A. Doing homa does create powerful vibrations where ever they are performed.
Choose that option which gives you the most satisfaction and peace of mind, which fills your heart with compassion. Choose with heart, not logic, as logic will find ways, it will say, feed okay, who? Girl child or boy child? Now it’s not even a child it’s a gender. Then it will say what to feed. This is not economics where you have to consider optimum utilization of resourses based on data and utility and interests, it is you wanting to do good. All economics is based on what’s probable. Probabilities are subject to change. All probabilities are always fighting, it’s always one probability vs. another, another vs. another, fight creates fight, and love creates love. The only thing permanent is the feelings, the emotion. The next time you create seva chose with love and compassion, whatever gives you happiness.

Q. 4 I want to ask, I have a lot of vibrations in my body especially after sleep, my heart chakra and Agya Chakra spin, what does it signify?
Also one more thing On Friday I did Crystal healing to the two persons. When I did healing to the 2nd Person, she told that  someone was pulling the pain, scuffle. Then, I said  that I will do healing with the Sanjeevani Invocation. When, I was doing the healing, there was a sound in my 3rd eye, I could see the cloud of light, the same thing sound & cloud of light, I saw in my dreams. Her pain was over then.

A. When I was quite young, Babaji, my father, my Guru, would take me to the deserts of Rajasthan for meditation, it would be a three to four hour trip from the Delhi ashram by car, I loved the trip ---so many beautiful scenes in the way, such beautiful landscapes, such nice dhabas where we would eat, but no matter how good the journey was, I would always stare from the window and enjoy, for I knew that the destination was Rajasthan. How absurd will it be that if I were travelling, and fascinated by a view I would just jump out of the car to examine and explore. I would never be able to finish my journey that way. The journey is always completed by moving forward.
The same rule applies to sadhna. Always keep a Drasthabhav towards your experiences, that is witness them, enjoy them, but if you try to understand them, recreate them, it amounts to jumping out of the car, and why should you worry when the one on the driver seat is none other than the father of the universe?
Namah shivay

Q. 5 Babaji can we burn our sanchit karmas by chanting MahaMrityunjaya Mantra??

A. Namah shivay. Invoke the Shakti of lord Mahamrityunjya and chant, karmas will be burnt.
Blessings Namah shivay

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