Monday, July 21, 2014


Namah shivay! When Ishan ji was asked what the inspiration behind sending this message was, he had this to say:

“I feel an era needs to be ushered where people do not alter themselves to blindly follow a variety of misleading worldly practices just to make a good impression on others of being up to date with things which are ‘in fashion’.

This is called conformism or being what others want you to be, rather than be what you really are.

You see if you are always trying to dissect yourself, thinking I should imitate what’s cool in the society, you will develop a tendency to dissect others, find fault in others, try to change others. This way you will not be able to live and enjoy life on your own terms.

A newly-born child is free from this vicious cycle of conformism. He basks in the warmth of his mother. He lives a liberated life and no one tells him when to smile, when to cry, when to play. He is like a free bird. He does not need to be politically correct. It is by seeing and copying others that the child inculcates the tendency to change himself.

True Shiv Yogis are like newly born children. They bask in the loving and protective warmth of their Guru. The realized Guru, in turn asks them to be what their natural tendency is – to accept everyone, including yourself, the way they are, to unconditionally love everyone, including yourself and to forgive everyone, starting with yourself.

Today, I want to convey to all that only if a man can understand his individuality, can he truly understand others. BLESSINGS! NAMAH SHIVAY!”

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