Monday, July 21, 2014


Namah shivay! Sometimes, as students on the spiritual path, we feel that if we had this and this more in our lives, we would have been happy. But, even when that “additional something” is received, we realize that there is something more needed to make us happy. And despite getting to that “something more”, we still believe that we need something further for satisfaction. Likewise, this unending chain or vicious cycle of lust for worldly objects continues to keep us in a state where we continue to think “I would have been happy if I had something more”. But the truth is no amount of bank balance, no amount of luxury, no amount of worldly riches and no amount of love can satisfy the greedy longing for “something more”. Ever-lasting GRATIFICATION in life, with anything, can only be got through GRATITUDE. The glow of satisfaction can be experienced only through thanksgiving. And thank heavens we have a holiest and most Enlightened Guru, our dearest and most worshippable Avdhoot Baba Shivanand ji who can explain this to us in ways as brilliant as those this beautiful picture will put forth.

And to put the teaching in this picture to practice instantly, here’s offering utmost gratitude to Baba ji for specially sending such a gem for all sadhaks from Malaysia.

Thank you Baba ji!

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