Monday, August 1, 2011

Queries of shadhaks-- Part 3

Q. 1. Namah Shivay Babaji, I don't think I will be able to do the Siddha dhyan, Shambhavi dhyan and Shree vidya but I want to attain what effort should I do. There should be one way for me! Babaji my deep wish is to merge with God the Supreme Soul....

A. Namah shivay do the swaadhyay vocal chanting daily with emotions. Just even that done perfectly will lead you to the 4th Dimension. Bless you

Q. 2  Babaji I am your very blessed daughter...thanks baba for everything....please guide me as to what should my approach be towards improving the relationships between my family members with each other....can I write their names in my Golden Book if I want their relationships to improve...please guide me babaji...namah shivaya.

A. Namah shivay you can write that, "I, (your name) have a very strong and loving bond with all my family members. I care for them and fulfill their needs even if they don’t tell me. We spend quality time together for at least half an hour if not more daily".

Q. 3 I am still waiting for my miracle...!!!!

A. Namah shivay do the meditation without expecting (nishkam) anything. Do it for your purity. Follow Shiv Yog in all its essence. Remove the karmic layers everything else will follow.

Q.4 Thank you very much Ishaan Bhaiya for your message, does this mean we have to even increase our sadhana starting now and make it even more intense after April 2012. One more important question for me? I am right now in US on a long term assignment, I wanted to know given a choice will India be the right place to be in physically and spiritually in late 2012. Thank you, Namaha Shivaya.

A. Namah shivay make it intense now and always. There is no scope for a lackadaisical meditation at any given time. This period starting from 2010 to 2012 December is crucial as a few minutes of meditation done would be equivalent to years and years of tapa.
India is the land of the holy siddhas. There is no soil purer than this. The Guru Mandala has originated from this divine place so inevitably this scores over any other place. Do the sadhna you will be safe everywhere you go.
Blessings from Ma and Baba ji

Q. 5 Namah Shivay... I wanted to know how one increases their will power; I had read your words in a post that the willpower shall conquer it all... I am aware of the ascension period but lately every time I sit for meditation or healing I get a choked up feeling and can’t sustain more than 8-10 minutes... I really need to heal myself but I don’t seem to getting off this blockage... Thank you, Namah Shivay...

A. Namah shivay Nikita ji take a few deep breaths before the sadhna. Continue the deep breaths in the initial part of the meditation. Connect to the Guru and sincerely seek that your sadhna flows for an hour. By going deep in meditations will power increases automatically as the divine connection is made. Blessings.

Q.6 If you could please guide me how can I go deep into meditation...I really want to connect with babaji...namah shivay.

A. In the technical aspect of sadhna, light a dia in front of The Guru's and God's picture before meditation and request them to come and help you go deep down. Invoke their energies. Invoke the energy of Shiv Shiva. Invoke the holy siddhas. Thank them and then begin your sadhna. Blessings. Never leave your sadhna. The Guru mandala rewards sadhaks which e...exhibit regularity. It is your future currency. Miracles are soon to happen in your life. To go deep in meditation listen to peaceful songs and talk only positive things. Do not argue with anyone. Do not frown at anyone. Do not try to change anyone. Do not even listen to any type of judgment or criticism. Just stay in bliss. Thank the Guru and everyone around always.

Q. 7 Namah shivaya babaji please advise me as to how can improve my financial conditions?

A. Namah shivay does sewa daily. Listen and chant the Mahalaxmi mantra chant daily and when you get even an iota of money donate for some noble cause. Mind you though it shouldn’t go to beggars who may use it for buying smokes and liquor. Ensure that your charity is well utilized. Continue the Shree Vidya sadhna.

Q. 8 Namah Shivay! Whenever I meditate some tears come in my eyes and sometimes my lips also vibrate. Is this fine?

A. let it be natural. If it happens naturally and not a habit then its fine. Merger with the Original father causes tears of ecstasy. Let it be. Just let it be natural. Do not take pleasure in it and try to do it yourself. Just witness. Blessings

Q. 9 Namah Shivay. Could you please guide me to increase the sitting capacity in lotus position (sidhaasna)? I am meditating since last 6 months (after Delhi Shivir) but could not go beyond 30-40 minutes and due to this I am finding myself difficult to go in deep meditation.

A. Namah shivay. As part of the siddhis that a sadhak receives, the first is deh siddhi or the quality to control your body. In the Deh siddhi first thing is Aasan siddhi i.e. the quality of controlling your posture while meditation. A... sadhak must be able to sit for a particular period of time in a particular position daily. You said you can sit 40 minutes at a stretch but not more than that. Before doing Shiv Yog you wouldn’t have been able to sit even 40 minutes. You tried to sit and now it’s a habit. So gradually increase your sadhna time. First few weeks do 5-10 minutes extra by sitting for 5 more minutes than when the pains starts. This way your body will be used to for sitting for 45 minutes daily. Slowly increase this time to 50 and then finally one hour or more.
Now a question will arise in your mind that since it pains so much you have to stop the sadhna. No problem. Stop the sadhna but continue to sit for 5 minutes more and then slowly get up. Eat good food which encourages flexibility of joints. Foods like raw turmeric and calcium containing fruits and vegetables must be had to develop flexibility. Blessings.

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