Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Quaries of Sadhaks-----Part 4

Q. 1 I shall be grateful if you could tell us something about babaji's birthplace, parents and childhood.thankyou.

ANSWER: Namah shivay
Now that’s what we call curiosity, wanting to know about the body more then what is in it. Anyways I will tell you what I know, what I have heard from Ma and Babaji. Babaji lost his father when he was months old, he had three brothers and three sisters of which he was the youngest, he was raised by his oldest brother and his mother, by raising I mean he being taught those teachings which transformed him. But the most influential on his life was his mother; Babaji and Ma always talk about Dadi ma. She was the one who triggered every change in him, she was the one Babaji and Ma did a lot of sewa for and she was the one who finally blessed Babaji.
Now that was on the family front. Apart from that Babaji talks about many Siddhas who came into in his life and gave him many powers of which the first one was 108 Swami Jagannath who blessed him when he was eight, so you can guess how his life was, with so many changes and siddhas. Maybe someday a book might be compiled on it but till that day this is what I can tell you in short.
Namah shivay

Q. 2 Babaji, I have read about the approaching year 2012. As guided by you, I am doing Sadhna regularly. However, some of my family members are not convinced about attending your shivir as of you now. As I understand some huge changes are going to happen on Dec 21, 2012. What should we do? I mean we are a little confused as to what kind of precautions to take especially for our family, employees, neighbours etc. Please guide us. Also, I want to thank you for coming in my life.

ANSWER:  Namah shivay
Just continue the sadhna, as your energy will increase your family members’ energy will increase with you.
Lots of blessings Namah shivay

Q. 3 Respected Ishan Bhai Pranam (Namah Shivay)
My Husband has downloaded many things available from net but bought the CDs from Mumbai Shivir of the same. I am not sure if this balances the karma. I am asking since we both use the downloaded stuffs rather than CD.
Please Guide and Pray to Forgive all of us who in the absence of Online Divine Shop, fall pray to.... but Shanmukaji help when we were not initiated.
I take pledge to do tree plantation and serve needy unconditionally
Guruma, GuruDeva, Please forgive us.
we offer gratitudes and lot of unconditional Love.

ANSWER:  Namah shivay
Babaji loves you so much, all the time he is in meditation for you. So how can there be any karma? What I had mentioned was that there are so many sadhaks who out of just love for ‘their’ Babaji do so much hard work. The programs which are public i.e. those, coming on TV, somehow get on You Tube owing to some sadhaks. So that healing can spread. You see the intention matters a lot. If I am giving someone something is it for their healing? Is it for some good? Because every sadhak wants that the good coming to them from Shivyog should spread, and if I just take the matter and post it, there is a difference.
There is so much which the ashram is doing; so much effort is done to bring Babaji to the public, and may it be videos on the net or TV. And if Nishkam seva is to be done, the sadhaks help in this effort. Whatever is public, they spread it, and if someone needs healing Babaji himself say the mantra CD helps. So if you give to someone you help.
But if everything which Babaji only gives out of sheer love for us, & which is so sacred for us is put on the net, then the efforts of so many sadhaks & the effort of the ashram on the whole suddenly becomes a little cheap.
So spread the word of Shivyog and Babaji, keeping the sentiments of all the Shivyogis who do genuine seva, in mind.
And if something was downloaded illegally, by way of piracy, Babaji still loves you that is one fact which can never change.
Blessings Namah shivay

Q. 4 namah shivay babaji!!!!!!!!!
Here is my utterly imp query!!!
There are two communities;1)advaitya which says everything is fixed or destined!!!!!!!!!!!
and other one is which you tell:2)we are the creators of our own destiny!!!!!!!!!!
You told me any of these if followed by 100% devotion and without any manipulation is correct. because ultimately it’s our devotion which zero;s the ego down and bring us closer and closer to reality which is bliss 24*7. but when I follow the theory which even science says yes to i.e. Aham Bramhasmi or we are the creator of our own destiny then either a solid example of advaitya comes or I see almost entire humanity suffering because for the simple reason that there is no joy in their lives. and when I surrender my ego or mind to fact that ok everything is fixed no need to think then I feel that I am wasting my janamah or this beautiful birth as a human being!!!!!!!!and I feel I should follow ahm brahma asmi and create my own destiny!!!!!! it’s quite some time now that I have been pondering over these two things. and I want a solution to it or else in this confusion I am wasting my life!!!!!!!!
Its juz like a person who strongly with 100% devotion feels that in a stone god is there and he appears another person who feels is not there with 100% devotion even then he appears because in either case ego was zeroed down!!!!!!
my manipulates all this to sucha an extent that it tells me that its not there or there is a hoax in all this is done to get my devotion and I am unable to zero my mind or go with one thing!!!! I am really confused. what should I do???

ANSWER: Namah shivay
Non judgment, unconditional love and sadhna.
As my Babaji says, “aapko dhyao, apko bhajo, apme apke ram ap hoker rehta hain. And if he is in this aap then he is also in the aap in front.
Continue the sadhna
Blessings Namah shivay

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