Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guru Purnima Special ------ Video 7

Namah shivay. Babaji has laid emphasis on the fact that if the desire is for more abundance, prosperity and success, the sadhna should be more. Wealth Baba ji says must be acquired by legitimate and ethical means and if got by ill means, it begets illness. As is said ill got ill spent. Do not be rapacious and desirous of wealth overnight. Do not resort to unfair means to acquire wealth. Whatever has been pre ordained for us, we shall get it. SO the need for squabbling over money shouldn’t arise. Money should be earned by legitimate and proper means. Also, spend money on charity if you get wealth otherwise penury is round the corner. Give to the world what you want from others. Give love to the family. Start sewa from home.
Baba ji says that for spiritual growth, being a human is a primary concern. Be humble as you grow spiritually, only then will you progress towards the infinite otherwise the ego shall consume you.
If you really love God, love all its creations. Never inflict sorrow and grief on any creation of God.
He who finds peace with family at night is a real human otherwise an animal.
Baba ji has said that even judging good about others is bad. Praise others but never judge. Never compare also since everyone Is unique. Never make efforts to change and improve others.
Steer clear of anger.
It becomes so easy if one focuses and leads life on a day to day basis as Baba ji points out.
...Theu Guru bows to such a sadhak who follows the teachings unbridled day in and day out.
Such a sadhak is always protected by the Guru’s Aura and blessings.

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