Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Guru Poornima Baba ji's message Via Ishan Shivanand

Namah shivay!!!  Baba ji, through the prodigal son Ishan Shivanand ji has sent the following write up. It is a humble request to follow the directions on Guru Poornima day only. All sadhaks' gratitude to Baba ji and Ishan ji for their unstinted care.

Significance of full moon day that is Guru Poornima

The full moon day, Guru Poornima in particular is observed as a very auspicious day. it emits lot of divine energy. On this sacred day of Guru Poornima , we can activate our Sixth element called Guru Tatva  by tapping the energy emitted by the universe, which in turn assists us to regulate the other five elements.

What is  Guru Poornima ?

On this day, all spiritual devotees worship their gurus. Spiritual seekers meditate throughout the day to intensify their sadhana. The Shakti or energy of the Guru is at its peak on this day. A sadhak who can connect himself to his Guru’s power can receive the grace to awaken the sixth sense. Sixth sense gives direction to his life.

 The Role of the Guru

Guru guides us to experience the consciousness of the Reality.

 ध्यान मूलम गुरुर्मुर्ति, पूजा मूलम गुरु पदम!
मंत्र मूलम गुरु वाक़्यं मोक्ष मूलम गुरु कृपा!!

 To light a fire within the self is a very arduous and cumbersome task, but with the grace of the Guru one can easily light the diya or "awaken the consciousness" with the divine light of the Guru as per the following saying

 सदगुरु ज्योत से ज्योत जगाओ

So, when we bow to the Guru, He helps us to remove our Sanchit karmas (accumulated negative emotions and impressions from the past) and introduces us to the infinite power. GURU descends on the Earth with the agenda to help the mankind.  A Guru is an "awakened being" who has received the shakti from an enlightened soul, giving the same to the worthy disciples.
 Every human has come on this planet to learn a lesson and to achieve a purpose in life. there are two ways to achieve it; one is quite easy under the lamp of Gurukripa and the other the hard way to go it alone. Even in dyan bandhu upnishad it is written that a spark can burn the sanchit karmas accumulated over our hundred of past lives, these karmas are the only reason of all the sorrows, diseases and scarcity. The Guru carries that spark, that shakti which is sufficient enough to destroy the baggage of karmas and thus helps us achieve the level of purity of our inner self, to experience the inner peace which is called awareness. With this awareness we can impart the knowledge to materialise our happiness in ANY way we aspire.

On the sacred day of Guru Poornima , we can easily receive the Prachand Shakti (invigorated energy) of the Guru as Guru becomes very generous when we establish union with the ultimate infinite’ Shiva’. Guru opens his Anahat chakra and blesses all the humankind with unconditional love.
You can receive his grace with SADHANA, SEVA and SANKIRTAN.

 So to raise your consciousness to higher spiritual level and to materialise your wishes, chant the following mantra:
ओउम नमो: भगवते शिवानंदाया 
 “ Aum Namoh Bhagvatey Shivanandaya “

Chant this mantra throughout the day, live in that aura by chanting the mantra for one hour followed by half an hour meditation and again chant the mantra.
 More the devotion you have, more you feel his aura and more is the grace you receive. It will be all the more beneficial if you do the collective dhyan with the invocation of Shiva and  with the invocation of the Guru by lighting a dia. Go to the nearest ashram if you can because that is where the Shakti of Gurus would be maximum, otherwise do the meditation in groups of 51, 108, 1008.

 Namah Shivay
Blessings from Babaji n Maa.
 Ishan Shivanand

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