Thursday, April 4, 2013

Queries of Sadhaks ----- Part 14

Q. Namah Shivaye Babaji.... I have a query regarding Shree Vidya Sadhana level 3.... I shall not be able to mention it here.... please advise how can I express the same to you.
A. Namah shivay shaktipat and deeksha are things which you can neither discuss with your sadhak peers nor confirm with your Guru. At the time of deeksha, whatever you comprehended at once was what is best for you. More than any technique, sadhna is about emotion and devotion. If you have that, any other wrong will be suppressed. Blessings.
Q. If an elderly who due to their physical conditions is not able to attend the shivir, (and have never attended) but asks for Durga Saptashati Sadhana book and CD, can we (sadhaks) give them? And can they do path this way during navratras?
A. Namah shivay Baba ji has made Chandi Paath public. Make the elders listen to it and ask them to recite after Baba ji. All videos are available on YouTube and other sources. The motive of live webcast too was that may the Chandi Paath reach as many people as possible. Make sure the Chandi Paath book is never kept on the floor or disrespected by anyone anywhere. Blessings.
Q. Namah Shivay please give me suggestion, I attended Durga Saptasati shivir in Aug 2012 but I didn’t attend Navratri shivir. Can I do Navratri sadhna by watched live Mumbai shivir?
A. Namah shivay. Baba ji loves all the sadhaks unconditionally. That is why He has made the Chandi Paath open for all. You can access it on you tube and other media and recite it after Baba ji. The aim is spiritual growth. The intention is divine growth. Do not have doubts. Be regular and thank Lord Shiv Shiva. Blessings.
Q. Shiv Yog Foundation; Although I am not very regular with meditations however as I have immense faith in babaji ; it feels that meditations are taking place daily without a miss; hopefully I am not missing my sadhna.
A. Namah shivay it’s excellent to nurse the emotions of devotion and faith. However you must back them up with regular Chandi Paath and sadhna. The aim of your body in this birth is not the physical work you associate yourself with, rather it is to do sadhna, clear all karmas and rest permanently in peace and bliss and for that sadhna daily is indispensable. Namah shivay
Q. To Shiv yog foundation, I did Shrividya III in English at Goa with Babaji' Grace, but I am able to do only Durga Saptasati Shivir in the manner by combining Shrividya III sadhna but I am not able to do the actual Shrividya III sadhna is that okay ?
A. Namah shivay whatever deeksha is given in a shivir, if a sadhak follows he will be completely benefited. However if you do the sadhna in bits and parts, you will be blessed commensurate with your sparing efforts. The amount of sugar you put decides the taste of your recipe. The less the sugar, the lesser the sweet taste. If the sugar is put intermittently, somewhere the recipe will be sweet, somewhere not so sweet. Thus a regular dose at regular intervals to make the recipe of your life, uniformly sweet and worth savouring. Blessings.
Q. Namah shivay... even doing durga shaptasati is also our sadhna??? As babaji told in few of the shivirs...
A. Namah shivay yes that too is sadhna.
Q. Shiv Yog Foundation why it happens that when our sadhna is continuous then it is hampered without reason n you repent n feel wrong by not doing sadhna do not feel complete.... Is it that our karao get heavy?
A. Namah shivay there is a concentration level and a capacity of the individual to focus within. Often we are immersed in the outer world so much that meditation seems an aberration when we close our eyes. So it’s our own conscious mind which may want to veer to other engagements but with practice we begin to prolong the meditations as we start to realise that meditation is our true state of being. When you do sadhna, your inner voice gets active. And then anything which you shouldn’t do and you do that, your inner voice tells you that what you’re doing is wrong. So is the case for skipping sadhna. Blessings.
Q. Namah Shivay Ishaanji, as you have mentioned in babaji's message about not sharing experiences with others, me and my daughter have unknowingly with good intent shared our experience and that of other's with her friends, we told them how our life changed completely and everything is going perfect and like never before we are very happy and peaceful, our intention behind sharing was that they should believe in Shivyog and get a good life ahead of them, it was a mistake to want to make someone believe in babaji and we all apologise for the mistake. From the time I learnt Shivyog in September life for my family and me has changed for the better, all the obstacles dissappeared, recently things haven't been working out even after doing so much sadhna myself and swadhyay with me and my two daughters i was wondering what mistake we must have made, it is now that i read your message and understood where we went wrong, though i am not sure if this is exactly the mistake, but if this is it then please ishaanji guide us as to how we can rectify our mistake and how our life can be again the way it was soon after Shivyog, Sorry for the mistake once again. Namah Shivay P.S you have said you wouldn't reply further on this post, but its a humble request to you and babaji if either of you can guide us on this. Thank you. Namah Shivay.
A. Namah shivay. Narrating the salutary effects of meditation is not a mistake per se. However do not disclose any of the experiences of sadhna and swadhyay. Moreover do not even exemplify your fruition as a positive outcome of Shiv Yog. Do not try to raise any kind of expectation in anyone. Everyone has a different repository of negative and positive karmas. Some take more time to ascend, some rise at the blink of the eye. So if the other will not rise as speedily as you, he/she may even curse you or allege you to be misguiding them. Secondly, if there are any hurdles in your life which are forthcoming, play the Ganpati mantra chant CD which removes all obstacles in life. Make sure the pooja room is clean, you are donating a part of your wealth to the needy, are respecting the elders within in your family, are not judging anyone, are not hating anyone. While doing the Shree Vidya sadhna, play the mantra in Baba ji's voice in a moderate voice so that the sound sppreads a bit in your place. Also light the dia with mustard oil before Ma Lalita Tripursundari's picture. Blessings.
Q. shivyog foundation can you please guide me on how many minutes I can do shree vidya dhyan in conjunction doing durga saptashati?
A. Namah shivay there is no upper limit or lower limit to meditation. Fix everything in a time-table as per your needs and occupational requirements. A Minimum of 2 hours, if not more, everyday Baba ji says must be devoted to sadhna and sankirtan. Namah shivay
Q. Namah Shivay. For a govt service employee can have 4 hrs spare time to do all this ...but a Software Engineer got hardly 1 hr every day it is very difficult to do all this things in a day...if any senior one can suggest what to do within a hour for physical and health benefits then I will be grateful...
A. Namah shivay meditation and Durga Saptashati chanting must be done if there is limited time. Try and find more time for yourself. In the long run of your soul's journey, your inner engineering will matter. Outer will cease. So find time to meditate and work on yourself as Baba ji has taught you. Blessings.

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