Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Art of Dying -- Cont.

Baba ji says that the way we react to different situations in life is based upon our ‘sanchit sanskaras’ or the accumulated psychic impressions of this birth or some other previous birth. These impressions are stored in our Gyanmay shareer or the Causal body or the 4th of the 5 bodies.

All reactions and emotions -- be they of jealousy, greed, anger, repulsion, hate, resentment or sex -- in this birth to get accumulated in our Gyanmay shareer.

Another point Baba ji makes is that if you are quite well-off, rich, have all the facilities at your disposal, it is because of your past good deeds of this birth or the good done in some previous births.

All the luxuries that you are enjoying today are the fruit of your kindness and good karmas of the past. Someday these will exhaust. So don’t just live them off. Do even better karmas in this birth. Because the motive of your good deeds in this birth mustn’t be to get more luxury and wealth, but spiritual ascension.

Good deeds give 2 kinds of results. One bring enormous wealth and worldly joys. The second one bring spiritual growth along with worldly comforts. One must choose the latter because that way we won’t get stuck in the materialistic illusions.

Whatever emotions and desires we have throughout our lives as humans, multiply a thousand fold at death and the next birth is decided as per these desires since the sensual urge demands them to be satisfied at all costs. These desires can only be fulfilled with a body. So without thinking of the consequences, the soul may select animal body if it realizes that the desires can be fulfilled in that animal body.

The taste of the tongue and relentless desires lead us to a vicious cycle of unending greed and sorrow to ultimately spell our downfall.

Death is not the end. It is just a pit stop for the next transformation to take place. The transformation is that of the body. The soul remains the same. Every birth that the soul takes is according to the desires and karmas we did in the previous births. So one must endeavor to purify oneself through meditation to acquire the best birth which is that of a human, born in a family where spiritual growth is easy to attain.

It is the soul which creates the body again and again. This it does because it is only with a human body through meditation can the soul attain Self-realization or God-realization or Nirvana or Moksha. But the problem is that when the soul creates the human body, the senses come into play.

Throughout our lives, we do everything to satisfy only the senses caught by worldly illusion called Maya. We forget our original aim because of which we got the human body through our soul. The problem with satisfying the senses is that it is an endless greed. For example if there is a tendency to eat junk and tasty food, the person will look to explore more and more food joints, eating more and more from each one. One desire to have good food will lead to thousand more desires and the cycle will become endless almost like an expanding spider web. Similarly if one aspires of great bank balance, every new figure achieved will lead to the desire to add more zeros to it.

Baba ji also adds that the desire to do good only for oneself is animal and that to think of the welfare of all is human.

As humans this greed of amassing infinite wealth, of taste, of sex, of winning praises gives rise to animal tendencies where ego rules the roost. These animal tendencies eventually lead the soul to create an animal body for us in the next birth where such tendencies come naturally and instinctively.

Thus, it is in one human birth that the seeds of all the next births are sown. However, it is also in the human birth that one can clear all of one’s previous mistakes through meditation taught by the Guru.

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