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Durga Saptashati --- And its Relevance Cont....

Chapter 11 (Praise of Narayani)

After Ambika Devi eliminates Shumbh and Nishumbh, all devtas hail Ma singing her divine glory. They extol the praises of Ma chanting aloud:
"Hey Devi Ma you’re the one who alleviates all problems of your seekers. You’re the one presiding over this universe thus the name "vishweshwari”. You’re the one who has cast her spell "Maya" on all inhabiting mother Earth. You’re the one praying to whom one can attain liberation from worldly attachments. All directions lead to you. All women of this world are your manifestations. You alone are ubiquitous across the universe. What can be your praise? You’re above all qualities and way of expressions. You’re the highest form of communication ---- Paraavani. You’re the intellect in all creations. You’re the base on which Earth is premised. Your valour is non pareil. You’re the water element, you’re the Vaishnavi, and you’re the one granting all wishes, thus hailed as "Sarvamangala". You’re the one creating positivity and busting negativity. You’re the Goddess of virtues. You’re the Brahmani, Vaishnavi, Kaumari, Shivduuti, Narsinghi, and present in all consorts of powerful deities. You’re the one embellished with garland of skulls. You’re the one incarnating and present in various forms as Laxmi, Lajja, Mahavidya, Shraddha, pushti, Swadha, Dhruva, Maharatri, Mahavidya, Medha, Saraswati , Vara, Parvati, Mahakali, Sanyamsheela, Sarvaishwari, Katyayani, Bhadrakali.
O Mother protects us from all threats and fears. Your noble visage with trinetra or three eyes is beautiful. More menacing than the fire of volcano, may your trident be our protector. May your bell which sucks out all devilish energy at its mere ring, guard us from evils. May the incisive sword that you wield in your hands, on which writ large is the blood of asuras, shepherd us to safety. O mother whenever you’re happy, you become the panacea to all diseases. Those surrendering to you, never find themselves in any form of trouble; rather such souls help others rectify their problems.
Who else but you can debilitate such monstrous savages as Mahishasur, Chand Mund, Shumbh Nishumbh, Rakt Beej et al? It is our request to you to likewise always accompany us wherever we go and whoever prays to you, may you save the day for him/her. May you help all overcome all hurdles.
You find a mention in all sciences, all studies, and all scriptures. You are the ignorance too who as Maya, foxes consciousness into darkness. You protect from all evils and in all dire circumstances, be they getting lost in a forest, getting caught by dacoits or be stranded in the midst of the sea.
Devi then foretells about how She shall grace this planet in times of crisis as drought (genesis of Her name Shataksi), help in overpowering the oppressive regime of Vaiprachitti for Her alias of Raktdantika being coined. When a devil named Durgam will be killed at Her hands, she will be hailed Durga. The name Bheema Devi will gain eminence when she'll protect the saints in Himalayas from all negative forces. She'll be hailed as Brahmari when she will incarnate as a 6 paw animal and secure all from the devil "Arun"
Likewise whenever mankind will be in times of need, Devi will incarnate indeed.

Chapter 12 (Stuti Phal)

Devi contends that the one who with utmost concentration and dedication prays daily to Her, he/she will receive the infinite grace for life to be hassle free.The one who shall ruminate over the essence of Chand Mund vadh, Mahishasur vadh, Shumbh Nishumbh vadh, Madhu Kiatabh vadh would be blessed in all aspects of life. The lessons from her conquests are so potent and powerful that they bear the sinew to extricate one from Maya, raise the energy of the place and individuals engaged in Her remembrance. Pondering over Her one becomes free of all the phobias, negativity, ill health, poor financial situation, poor familial relations and Her name is effective in giving the imaginable and the unimaginable to every seeker alike.
Whichever form we pray to Ma, She shall with Her benign presence charm us. Unhappiness, penury, fear etc too are all Her forms and if we choose to stay in these emotions, Ma is more than happy to grace us in these deadly ways.

Chapter 13 (Blessings to King Surath and Vaishy)

Medha Rishi, the narrator of the folklore of Durga to Vaishy and King Surath then avers that all that unfolds in the world is through the influence of Devi Ma and that all must hanker after Her auspices in order that positivity per se continues to be solicited in everyone's life. Devi Ma as Maya will continue to transfix all who have taken birth on this planet. However those humble enough to seek her blessings through sadhna will be liberated from this cycle of cause and effect.
Hearing of the legendary tales, Vaishy and King Surath then leave for meditation. They follow the meditation procedure to the hilt. They reduce their food intake moving from cereals to fruits and ultimately divert all their energies to rigorous sadhna for 3 years.
 Both the King and merchant penance and meditate for 3 years

Ultimately an appeased Ma Ambika appears before the two, asking them to seek their wishes from Her. The king seeks return of his kingdom and a kingdom for his next birth too.
                  The King's wish

The Vaishy, disillusioned with life and the world on the whole, wishes the grant of divine Wisdom to him , which is capable of Self realization.
The Vaishy's wish

Blessing both, Devi then disappears into thin air.

Durga Saptashati--- What's not to be missed

Although all chapters of this divine text have their own distinct implications and meanings, all through the Saptashati, there are recurring lessons which merit a mention and which must be borne in mind forever.
·        United we stand divided we fall- Not that Ambika Devi was any weak to not have been able to combat all asuras single-handedly but the humility and modesty of the devtas, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh brought forth the virtue of united power. Baba ji talks about collective healing and collective chanting on the same lines. Higher level Shree Vidya however  must not be done collectively.
·        Ego, the king of vices- In all the allegorical stories of Saptashati, one trend that is observed is that greed, lust, anger, sycophancy, criticism all stem from ego and which became the root cause of the demise of the asuras. Thus doing sadhna, a sadhak shuns the word "I" and soon "Shiva" takes over. The emotion of selflessness is born. Happiness is sought not from others but by bowing to the Shiva in others----- Namah shivay.
·        Humbleness and Gratitude-The demi-gods, Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu et al despite being infinite themselves do not forget to thank the Devi whenever She defeats the asuras at their insistence.  They sing hymns to Her, praise Her and pray that may Her blessings be always with one and all exhibiting their altruism too. Thus a thank you at all times at even slight favours is a must.
·        Sadhna the panacea for all diseases-One thing that became quite apparent after meditating through Saptashati is that whether it’s the Mahishasur in us or Raktabeej or any disease, fear, materialization of any wish, the Shakti is capable of obliterating all sorts of devils and granting all wishes . Shakti here refers to sadhna shakti, generated when one practices sadhna daily.
·        Seeking Devi- The most interesting aspect about Shakti is that in whichever form you worship Her, She shall come in that form. If one complains, cribs and cries all the time, wishes bad for others and indulges in cheating, forgery, Ma will come to the person as "Daridrata" or Penury or Poverty. She has pledged that She will never leave Her creations. So in one form or the other She is present everywhere.
As a Shiv Sadhak invoke Ma in Shree Chakra form by chanting Swadhyay daily, indulging in sadhna daily and keeping all family members happy. If one wishes to invoke Ma as Laxmi swaroopa, what better way than spending money on charity? Do bhandara for the needy. Engage in Sewa. Ma is ever ready to serve devtas and people of the world. This is the best example of the will to do sewa. Such a burning desire to help must be there in all Shiv Yogis.

Extend the fast from vices to the whole year long than mere Navratras.
Mere reading of these teachings and casting a perfunctory glance for entertainment sake would not solve the purpose of this note. Do sadhna daily and read the note again and again. This is Brahma gyan. This is Baba ji's gyan narrated ornamentally in your language.
Avail yourselves of this opportunity to attain Moksha in this birth itself. Remember the year is 2012.
Om Guruve Namah ! 
Om Namas Chandikaye !
Namah shivay.

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