Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Phenomenon of Guru Poornima

Happy Guru Purnima to all Shadaks!!!

Baba ji has dwelt on the finer aspects of Guru Poornima. He says that it is not any ordinary Poornima or Full moon day. Today every natural element and object of nature will exude Guru’s energy which will provide peace of mind. The day has a very special significance since the Shiva and Shakti energy circums...cribes the planet Earth and becomes an intrinsic part of nature and those meditating get immense benefit.
Baba ji says that every Shiv Yogi is related to all the divine liberated beings as can be traced back in the Siddha lineage. The Shiv Yogi is indirectly related to Shiv Shiva too.
Any sadhak having a GURU can never be alone as the Guru and Shiva are obliged to help him whenever he calls them with pure intention and clear mind Baba ji sermonizes.
Baba ji says that even as sadhaks we tend to panic in tragic situations and never summon the divine Guru’s powers to salvage the situation for them. He continues that in the times to come, as sadhaks we must learn to invoke the GURU through superior methods than scrambling to get to Baba ji physically.
Baba ji says a littl...e on the procedure to invoke His energies whenever anyone is in trouble. This he says must be done peacefully with closed eyes and then healing by the sadhak himself must also be done.
Baba ji says that Guru is a tatwa or element and not a physical being. The physical body is just the medium for The Guru element to Guide.
The Real Invocation through “The Voice of Truth” i.e. SILENCE has been dwelt upon.

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