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Ishan Shivanand·Friday, August 5, 2016

My father always taught me the importance of saying no. Learn to say no with confidence, he would say. But how can one say no to the truth I would wonder? This was the question when I was naive. As I grew, the question changed where does the truth come from? Who creates these universal truths? After all they are handed down to us by men with all their shortcomings, who think they are absolutely right. I have worked with schizophrenics, they all believe they are right, all tyrants feel their truth is absolute, all fanatics believe none is superior then their word.

Makes one think what is passed as truth may be nothing more than an opinion, a general opinion, a mass belief, nothing to do with the truth as one believes according to one's level of consciousness according to one's IQ, hence once what was exotic and mythic like Zeus' thunderbolt becomes simple in the form of electricity created by different charge in particles in a cloud.

How does one know how able was the one who propagated these truths that we so universally accept? Or was the purpose of the truth was one with a more sinister nature like the truth told to me when I was a child in the form of following lines "better not shout better not cry better not pout I am telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town" a manipulating truth told to children to keep them in check so they do not misbehave, a well developed lie telling the child that Santa sees all and will give reward and punishment according to the certain behaviour. Good and bad behaviour defined by the whims of the parents. Only now I realise the trick being played on. But then, are not so many truths about concept of God similar to the concept of Santa will one day I wake up to realise that half the concepts real to me today will turn to be a sham tomorrow. Were these truths created so society may bend to the will of some tyrant who claimed only he knew will of God just like parents make truths claiming only they know the will of Santa.

So are these truths or beliefs that I follow but the question whose belief and why? Who benefits from me following these truths? I will let you ponder for a while as you understand the world around you, a virtual reality hidden beneath reality. For, your body may be surrounded by beauty; one may find his minded clouded a slave of borrowed opinions.

But then the most revolutionary question appears - What is a truth?

Is truth a solid inanimate static object or is truth an evolving living entity dynamic? A simple mind may not see the difference between a truth and a law and may debate that what about natural laws how can they be dynamic? But is nature itself not evolving? Is climate not evolving? Organism not evolving? And if so, should our understanding of these laws evolve with the times or if we talk about truths what about the different layers of truth, a man pointing to the sun says it’s a star. True. It's a ball of gas. True. It's fire. True. It's hydrogen. True.

Again, so many layers of truth that if one starts dissecting, one may find that one’s truth is but limited by one's understanding. And so one may conclude that the past can be studied but the future is dynamic, the future is unpredictable. So one may make assumptions from past opinions.
One may even define the truth to an extent but the future in it hides limitless possibilities. Treasure, whose key belongs only to the dreamers, the ponderers, the seeker who want to find truth.

From this arises the final question - why does the seeker want to find his own truth? Why he is not satisfied with the current beliefs? Maybe the seeker is evolved. Maybe the seeker is a freak of nature, having genetic material which makes his brain work harder than the rest or maybe the seeker is just more industrious and wants something with a passion, blessed with a drive more powerful than the rest of his counterparts. Survival of the fittest.

So maybe that's why Buddha chose to find his own truth even though he was born to a culture
Which In Itself claims to be complete? Something drove him. Or why just Buddha? Anyone who has done anything, their head was wired different. All the Kings who were not satisfied with their territory or the saints who were not satisfied with their spiritual truths were all pioneers. The only difference - their heart guided their ambition to either be saints or conquerors. The conquerors with black hearts ready to acquire at any cost - May it be the decimation of the conquered or the saints ready to assimilate with and evolve the existing. So in both the cases they changed the timeline and created a new truth, a new reality parallel to the timeline which would have persisted if they had not interacted with it. Thus leading us back to the question where does the truth come from and what was the motivation to sell that truth to the public in the first place.

Interesting, is it not? So this means you either follow someone's truth or you create your own truth. And hence I am on a quest to find my own truth to create my own reality and yes this will make some people uncomfortable as many like there truths statics and definite I understand their plight hard work is not for everyone. We know pre-cooked, ready to eat food is carcinogenic. Still people, who are too lazy to cook, buy that, will heat it, eat and even feed their innocent kids this poison.

To such a person one must learn to say no. Only when one learns to reject the negative opinions can one really pursue their dreams. After all they are all opinions, all created in the image of their master, a black heart having a black opinion and so on multiplied by infinitum. But then won't I become vague? What will be the structure to my thoughts? How will I model my life? What will be the nature of my existence till I find the truth?

Who will be the bridge?
"Guru gobind dou khare kake lagu pae
Balihari guru apne gobind dio milae "

To this query there is but one answer - my dear dear guru, a guide of my choosing, the facilitator of my birth, the bridge between my god and myself. For if I will be influenced by opinions, why be blinded by the hateful opinions of conquerers? Why not choose the nourishing nature of saintly opinions?

The knowledge that guides me that I have the power to create my truth, the grace that teaches that truth is not what burdens but what sets me free. But most of all in a world like concrete the knowledge which empowers me to be the stubborn plant that breaks even the densest concrete to embrace the sunlight.

And to resonate with that wisdom one must learn this skill. The skill to refuse these negative opinions, the skill to shoo away these haters like one shoos away rats, a skill as important to a spiritual seeker as swimming is to a sailor.
So mark my words, the golden words of my guru, to all the bad habits, to all men who resonate at a negative frequency, to all those who like to bring others down, to those who love to gossip, to all who may deviate me from my path.


For, if I must, why must I follow their truth when with the help of the divine I can create my own truth - a heavenly mansion made with bricks of love and light.

Learn to say no!
Be the flower that breaks out of the concrete.
Bless you my brother/sister
Namah shivay,

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