Thursday, August 28, 2014

Divine Solutions for Financial Problems

Namah shivay! N-number of people have suggested N-number of ways to wriggle out of financial problems. From remedies to ploys, every thinkable trick in the bag has been exhausted. But is there a way to ever lasting prosperity without attachment? Yes there is. Baba ji explains just this in the Guru Vakyam video.

Q. In USA there are not much slam area that there is in Indian , what are my choices 
A. Namah shivay ji. UYou have to identify people who are living in poor conditions. Shree Vidya you can perform only once you receive the initiation from Baba ji in a shivir. For that you have to attend a Shiv Yog programme. It might be held next year in USA. Until then pray and use the healing mantra. Keep it played in your home and recite it as many times in the day as may be possible for you. Blessings.

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