Tuesday, April 1, 2014

NAVRATRA SPECIAL 2: Add Midas Touch to your Life

Babaji reveals that if a person is inclined towards only worldly pursuits, he witnesses a roller coaster ride in life with an equal measure of rise & fall, whereas a person, who is spiritually inclined, not only flourishes in life but eventually reaches the ultimate destination. So it's your call, what you choose.

Baba Ji adds that the moment one becomes weak, he loses his existence. King Surata and the merchant who took the refuge of Maharishi Medha to restore their lives have been glaring instances in the history which confirm the same. Thus, the world and spirituality must go hand in hand in order to strike the right balance in life. By the grace of Baba Ji Durga Saptshati initially perceived quite challenging, is now easily available to the masses. Now it is our prerogative to do it religiously and make it a way of our life to rejoice every event with Mata Ki Chowki and nourish our souls with the divine chants.

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