Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Message from Ashram

Namah shivay! To make the year 2014 really new, as Shivyogis we must renounce the luggage of sorrow, the burden of hurt and the baggage of revenge we are carrying against people for something distressing they said, did or inflicted on us. The New Year will become “new” in the truest sense only when there will be something new in it. So, Baba ji says make a new start. Begin a fresh innings. Stop looking at what others are up to, whether others are spiritual or not and whether they are following the sacred teachings. Stop judging others on their utterances, good or bad habits, eating practices, appearance, display of wealth, interests etc. A fresh start can only be made when the past is really put behind. Let us in this New Year look inwards. Let us as ShivYogis introspect on where we ourselves are going, where we have erred, what improvements do we need in ourselves, how much time is to be devoted to spiritual chores, what are the worldly goals (weight loss, weight gain, good job, % of marks in academics, good spouse, bank balance etc) we want to achieve and how much we have progressed in that direction through our efforts. Let us make 2014 spiritually, materialistically, and health-wise rich with meaning. A very happy, prosperous, healthy and divine new year. Blessings.

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