Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Beautiful Message

Lifetimes after lifetimes we take birth for simple reasons as learning to love and by learning to forgive and these incarnations are just for the petty reasons that the grudges could not be let gone in previous lifetime.

Babaji, again, reminds that time is precious and it is absolutely worthless to spend a life in holding on to grudges when it is very clear that we have to leave one day, our dear ones have to leave one day.
Life is precious. The human life is precious.

Babaji reminds not to dominate anyone's life; to live and let live.

Babaji asks, "Everyone wants to change others. 'I want to change everyone at home, everyone around, want to bring revolution.... change everyone except one person, myself....' When is it that I will change? When will I learn this most simple truth of life?"

This and more..... in this beautiful bhajan and conversations....

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