Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Queries of sadhaks-- Part 8

Q. Namah shivay ishan ji baba ji kehte hai life achievement ke liye hai aur baba ji ye bhi kehte hai ki sab mitti hai please mujhe batayiye agar sab mitti hai to kya hum mitti ka achievement kare?
A. नमः शिवाय सब मिट्टी ही है, पर मानव शरीर धारण किया है तो सकाम कर्म से भी बच नही सकते ! वह भी करना पड़ेगा ! इस स्थूल शरीर को चलाने के लिए अन्न की आवश्यकता है तो अन्न खाना ही पड़ेगा ! अपनी पसंदीदा वस्तुएँ खरीदने के लिए धन अर्जित करना पड़ेगा ! वह करने के लिए विद्या में उत्तीर्ण होना पड़ेगा ! संसार में आए हो तो पलायानवाद नहीं करना ! सच्चा शिव योगी वो जो संसार में भी सौ प्रतिशत और अध्यतम में भी से प्रतिशत ! संसार में अव्वल नहीं हूए तो अध्यात्म में भी गिर जाओगे ! आत्म साक्षात्कार का और कोई सरल उपाय नहीं है ! इसी सिद्ध मार्ग का अनुसरण करो और मोक्ष प्राप्ति होगी! नमः शिवाय !

Q. Namah shivay baba, I wish in my golden book and my wish doesn’t fulfill and I lose and I torn the page of my wish written on it, I regularly do Shri yog Vidya practice even at travelling ,sitting or roaming at some times, but some unwanted things happen and my regularity breaks what should I do, can I do shri yog practice at any time travelling/sitting alone for waiting or roaming somewhere, my many pending works are still pending and now I m feeling very anxious, as time is passing feeling like I am wasting my each min and day....advice me...namah shivay...
A. Namah shivay first you need to do sadhna continuously for 21 days at fixed timings in the morning and at night. Demand can be done only when a sadhak becomes deserved. Sadhna must be done at home with a quiet mind and in solitude. Not to be done in moving vehicles and in a crowded place. Blessings.

Q. Dr Shiv yog foundation actually I’m confused in me chahata kya hu! Suppose I don’t know what is good for me than what should I write in golden book. For example I’m confused in taking admission from 2 courses which 1 to choose than what I should visualize. Does Guruji will do whatever good for me!
A. Namah shivay in case of taking admission in a good college, you need to study which is a better institute. Which has better placement? Which suits you better? Etc. All this you have to decide. The Guru can tell you the procedure but not do the karma for you. Do the sadhna daily and write down your desires in the golden book. The detailed instructions on Golden book have been given in the video series of Materialization
Secondly, do sadhna only till when you’re comfortable. Increase the stamina of your sitting. Do not push yourself too much since doing sadhna in aches and uncomfortable positions distracts the individual towards those aches than meditation. Just follow what Baba ji instructed in the shivir. Ideally you just have to close your eyes and follow the procedure. Blessings.

Q. It is really true as mentioned by you that everything apart from sadhna is futile. Namah shivay with lots of love.
A. Namah shivay. Doing the worldly chores is essential too but where will you get success from? Success is nothing but positive energy driving a good result. So doing sadhna will bring positive energy in all fields--- be it health, wealth, career, relationships etc. Moreover the aim of your birth is to do sadhna and attain deletion of all karmas also called self realization or moksha. So isn’t sadhna of prime value? Blessings.

Q. Namah Shivay! Should we wash the Mahameru everyday and put the kumkum which was offered aside and again as daily rites offer kumkum to Mahameru? Kindly tell what to do? Namah Shivay.
A. Namah shivay do not use water on Meru. Clean it with a dustless cloth. The kumkum that you collect after cleaning the Meru, keep it in a cloth on your important files or documents or import. You should clean the Meru weekly and offer the kumkum every Navratra day. Blessings.

Q. Namah Shivaya BABAJI, please let me know, can we offer Kumkum on meru for as long as we want or for 21 days only. Thank you, koti koti Pranam Babaji.Namah Shivaya.
A. Namah shivay you can do it for as long as you want. Blessings.

Q. Namah Shivaya Babaji. I have attended shivir in Kolkata and I am blessed with shaktipat and sanjeevani. I have beej mantra diksha. With your blessing I have Mahameru. Please advise me how I will do everyday sadhana so one day I will qualify for Sri Vidhya Diksha. I am reading swadhay everyday and I am chanting the beej mantra you gave us 11 times with kumkum abhishekam to Mahameru. I wanted to take Delhi shivir but I missed that. Thank you baba ji. Namah Shivay.
A. Namah shivay continue doing what has been blessed to you and one day you will receive a greater opportunity. The optimum use of the current procedure is very essential. Blessings.

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