Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Importance of Swadhyay

Sankirtan doesn’t solely mean singing Baba ji’s Bhajans only. One very important "S" of Shiv Yog which is often overlooked in Sankirtan is actually “Swadhyay”.

 Swadhyay, a Sanskrit word, means self-study. “Shiv Yog Swadhyay " is a compilation of selected powerful ancient stotras including Guru Stuti, Devi Stuti, and Shiv Stuti has a very purifying effect and helps one progress rapidly in Sadhana.  It means Swadhyay should be read and sung aloud in the morning or evening daily without a miss.

Baba ji himself says "there won’t be any harm if you don’t listen to my Bhajans but there will be a deficiency if you don’t do Swadhyay daily".

Swadhyay books are available at every Divine shop during shivirs and also at Ashrams.

Often we tend to ignore it saying we don’t have time or the setting isn’t right. Take out 15-20 minutes daily for the Swadhyay which includes:

1. Guru stuti - Thanking the Guru who guided you.

2. Devi stuti - 1, 2 & 3 in which you thank the 3 Maha Devis and say their 108 names in the process. They are the devis whom you worship during Shree vidya.

3. Mahishasur Mardini - singing in appreciation for Goddess Durga who nixed the devastation wreaking devil called Mahishasur who misused the powers given to him by Shiva.

4. Lingashtakam - singing praises of the Nirakar or shapeless form of Shiva i.e. the Shiv Ling.

5. Shree shankracharya krit shree Shiv Panchakshar strotram - "Nagendra haaraya.................."

6. 21 times recite Mahamrityunjaya Mantra.

If one can do all of these 6 there is nothing greater than that. But if there is time limitation the first two must be done at any cost i.e. GURU STUTI and DEVI STUTIS.
Often we think that Shivyogi have to do Sadhana (meditation) only but unfortunately we can’t call ourselves "Complete Shiv Yogis" until we do this aspect i.e. Swadhyay daily without a miss.

To increase your concentration, healing powers and to enhance the efficiency of the Sadhanas swadhyay can’t be overlooked at any cost.

Do Sadhana and Sankirtan daily without a miss at a FIXED TIME in your POOJA ROOM and see your Sadhana take you to exceptional magnitude.

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