Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Queries of sadhaks-- Part 6

A. Namah shivay all this is superstition. One must light a dia everyday but only in front of God's picture. Never light a dia in front of a dead person's photograph. Go to temple, do sadhna regularly. Birth and death are part and p...parcel of 3rd dimension. Do you stop lighting a dia when a new baby is born in your house? No. Then why stop it if a person dies? All this is nature. Anyone who takes birth has to go. Birth and death are mere processes. Do not think too much over them. Pray for ascension of all. Blessings.

Q. Namah shivaya... please explain 1) tum hi vidhi ho aur tumne hi vidhan bnaye ha... 2) if a person prays or is a follower of a diety, he merges with that deity and will attain salvation when that deity will attain salvation....
A. Namah shivay when we remove the karmic layers we become the creator or Shiva ourselves. That way we lay our destiny on our own. We become the viddhi and vidhata. Secondly God doesn’t wish to attain salvation, He is already self realised.

Q. My query is if there is one universal soul then why what is truth behind lord Krishna who had unlimited power at time of birth? and do siddhas have form in siddhaloka... when soul merges with shiv shiva then ...that soul becomes siddha or shiv all liberated souls are merged or they still have independent identities.... can all people in world attain self realisation... bhaiya ji please answer these please.
A. Namah shivay the supreme soul sends its messengers from time to time to Earth to accomplish a motive. All siddhas are part of the universal consciousness. As and when the nature sees the need for their physical presence, it sends t...hem in human form. Everyone human is in a different stage to reach liberation. Siddhas guide us how to merge with the infinite. As for Siddhas being separate entities or one, Siddhas are one with nature. Any time their consciousness can be triggered by a spark which causes them to separate from The One to manifest into physical form. Yes everyone will reach liberation but at different times. At Shiv yog the endeavour is not to think so much about these things. The effort is to be a better individual without worrying about other things and people. Blessings.

Q. Need another guidance - I once attended an Inner Engineering Excellence course of Sad guru Jaggi Vasudev and they were saying, Healers incur Karmic Debts as they don't allow other souls to go through the natural process of settling Karmic debts, can u please guide, we are just channels of god, how can we incur karmic debts in such cases?
A. Namah shivay in Shiv Yog one can clear all debts by healing. Moreover not only one's own debts but of others too. Shiv Yog is being infinite and being above any doubts and ambiguities. The healing in Shiv Yog is without any limitations. Blessings.

Q. How can we clear debts of others...please guide....namah shivay.
A. Namah shivay by doing regular meditation at fixed timings and sending love to everyone especially the close family members can clear all your debts. Blessings.

Q. Ishaan ji, please guide about the best time for doing SriVidya, Shambhavi and Swadhyay. Also, I wanted to know that does the air of Air Conditioner affect the Sadhana/Energy. (My meditation room has one).
A. Namah shivay best time for Shambhavi is from 4am to 8am in the morning.
The Swadhyay can be done in the morning slot or at sunset in the evening.
Shree vidya must be done after sunset for best results.
Set a fixed time for these daily.
Also stay as natural as possible. Pooja room must not have AC. It must have least number of gadgets as possible. Blessings.

Q. Namah Shivaya Ishaan bhaiya...ek prashn hai...prati prasav toh ho gya...kya 100% karmic layers release ho gayi? Sadhna has cleared the layers or has started kaise pata chalta hai...
A. Namah shivay you have been taking birth as a human not only from this very time but since millions of years. So how can all the karmas are released all at once? Sadhna is a gradual process. The deeper you go and the more thoughtless you become in sadhna, the more karmas are burnt. Continue the sadhna extensively and use this birth and this divine time in the build up to 2012 to clear all karmas. Blessings.

Q. Namah shivaye...please tell me... Is it necessary to keep shri chakra at top and bottom of the golden book as it already contains shri chakra within it? I am confused... Although I am doing sadhna daily and write my golden book. How much time will it take to actualise the things written? Please guide. Thank u
A. Namah shivay the purer you become by doing more and more sadhna, the faster things will materialize.

Q. I don’t have Meru. So please clear the fact that I am doing shrividhya sadhna without the MERU, Is it necessary to keep it in front while doing sadhna. And from where I can get it... I’m from Delhi
A. Shree Vidya sadhna in its original form is to be done on a 3 dimensional Shree yantra which is to be kept in front of the sadhak. A dia is to be lit. 3 things must be there for ideal sadhna. Ma Lalita Devi Tripursundari ji's picture in front of you, on the right side. The Guru's picture in front of you, on the left side and finally the Meru in front on the extreme left. Light a common dia in front of all these 3. You can buy the Meru at the Dwarka Ashram. Since it has been made with ideal specifications and using ideal 8 substances, it is a tad expensive. Blessings.

Q. From where can we get the Ma Lalita Devi Tripursundari ji's picture? Can I light a dia and keep guru and Ma Lalita Devi Tripursundari ji's picture in front of a 2-D yantra?
A. Namah shivay you can print this and get it laminated or framed. And yes you can keep the arrangement you mentioned although 3D yantra is recommended for best results.

Q. Can any maili vidya affect any sadhak?
A. No it can’t until the sadhak decides to let the force take over and believes more in the negative power than Guru's power. Blessings. 

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