Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gems of Shivyog

  • Purpose of every human being is to raise consciousness – journey of "Nar" se "Narayan" Tak.
  • When the ego is there, you make yourself finite. When you are nothing (egoless) you are infinite.
  • Three lessons for all souls under all circumstances – Acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love (First these have to be practiced on the self).
  • Give "unconditional love", everyone has a soul. Respect everyone; see Shiva/Shakti in all.
  • There is ample in the Universe - create - do not steal or snatch from others. 
  • Maintain harmony and peace at all times.  Har haal mein khushi (feel happiness in every condition).
  • Every incident in life is not the reality but the projection of your mind.
  • If problems and sufferings come, understand that what you are projecting is wrong; change the projection.
  • Reactions will not solve problems but increase it along with a shrink in the aura and secretion of harmful hormones.
  • Any incident has only 4% impact but the rest of 96% are our reactions to the incident.  If you learn to control the way you react to incidents that mean you have 96% control over the incident.
  • You do not know other’s soul agenda, then why do you want to change others? They have their own soul plans and lessons to learn.
  • In cases where a soul whose agenda is not to be divine, it will be repulsed and moved away.
  • Your very purpose to come to this earth is to give "love" – tu pyaar ka sagar ha.
  • Whenever in trouble or grief call Babaji for assistance.
  • May God give you strength to deal with every situation.

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